Ten to-do items for CDAOs:
Insights from Chief Data
and Analytics Officers, UK

Looking at the Chief Data and Analytics Officers, UK conference, which took place earlier in 2020 and breaking down the insights for all those that are in charge if company data. The expectation of collecting information and converting it into profits, as well as, to drive cultural change, build data literacy skills, address privacy concerns, create infrastructure and adopt disruptive technology, creates enormous pressures. And they’re expected to do it all while remaining ethically astute and realigning the workforce to be more representative of society as a whole.

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  • Insights and experiences of representatives from the likes of HSBC, Just Eat, Centrica, Volkswagen and more
  • Typical demands on the average CDAO, helping you make informed decisions about data strategy
  • How to transform customer data into business growth

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Ten to do items for cdaos

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