Executive brief:

Improve customer strategy with predictive routing

Create a customer strategy that builds profitability and a predictable revenue foundation

Customer experience is no longer just a series of interactions occurring on one communication channel. To meet today’s customer expectations and accelerate profitable growth, you need a clear understanding of customers and their intent across a growing number of channels. With a customer strategy that includes predictive routing, you gain the advantage of meaningful data and the ability to leverage it systematically to predict the best customer-to-agent match. The result is stronger customer relationships and better business outcomes. Read this executive brief to learn the valuable benefits of a data-driven customer strategy that uses predictive routing with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, including:

  • Business outcome scoring on customers and active agents to determine the best customer-agent match
  • Visibility and control at every touchpoint to achieve specific outcomes
  • The right level of engagement at every moment throughout the customer journey
  • Real-time outcome performance monitoring with historical reporting for daily, weekly and monthly trending
  • Key insights to continuously refine and improve customer strategy
Predictive routing en 3d