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Creating Value Through Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

Technology has massively changed the way customers communicate with organizations over the last 20 years. As a result, contact center solutions are constantly evolving to keep up with rising customer expectations and a growing number of diverse channels. As customers expect personalized and  seamless experiences each time they contact a company, the need to use omni-channel communication solutions that provide a single and coordinated view of the customer has become paramount.

A recent IDC survey with customer care professionals and decision makers in Turkey found that only 39% of call centers in Turkey are adopting an omnichannel approach. Contact-center decision makers in Turkey predominantly prioritize “increasing customer satisfaction” and “meeting the SLA expectations of the business” and companies that adopted omni-channel engagement strategies have significantly improved customer experience, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. The decision to invest into omni-channel customer engagement is obviously crucial, but the timing of that investment is also very important and may have a bearing on the future success of the given organization. This document provides essential guidance that organizations can use to create value through omni-channel customer engagement.

This whitepaper summarises the key findings from the study and covers the following points:

  • Evolution of New Technologies
  • Global Trends in Customer Engagement
  • The Need for a Comprehensive Solution
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