How to set up a contact centre from scratch – in less than 3 days 

How the City of Helsinki set up their helpline

Cloud and Automation is key for organisations looking to offer the best customer service possible. Cloud offers fast and simple implementation, and AI allows for a more efficient way of engaging with customers, whether you need to support your agent’s or interacting with customers digitally to increase conversion rates.

The Finnish City of Helsinki set up a contact centre in less than 3 days reaching out to over 80,000 elderly to help with everyday life during Covid-19. After just four weeks they had made over 40,000 contacts, and all of this was possible thanks to the Genesys Cloud CX platform.

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  • How organisations can differentiate their business by offering smarter customer service solutions.
  • Set up scalable customer service in no time.
  • Implementing Workforce optimisation tools that improve CX and increase revenue.
  • Cut cost and reduce call wait times by utilising AI technology.

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