Frost & Sullivan Global Research: Midsized Call Centres take a Digital-first Approach

Cloud solutions to power customer service in 2019

Customers now interact with businesses on more channels than ever— including email, live chat, social media, SMS, and live messaging services. To understand how mid-sized call centres are dealing with the changes in customer engagement, Frost & Sullivan surveyed 600 business and IT decision makers globally to uncover their aspirations, priorities, and challenges.

Get the global research report and regional spotlights on North America, Latin America, and Europe to see the complete results. Key insights include:

  • In North America, 64% expect to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to engagement channels whereas 52% plan to support messaging apps and virtual assistants over the next two years
  • In Latin America, over 50% of call centres are considering the cloud to mitigate business challenges
  • Europe believes improving customer loyalty and lifetime value are the most valued business benefits ahead of customer satisfaction and revenue goals
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