Forrester Report 2017

Customer Service Trends: Operations Become Smarter And More Strategic


Your customers have a strong opinion of what makes a company customer-centric. Customer service organisations must build on a foundation of operational efficiencies in order to deliver the great customer experiences that differentiate a brand. Leveraging tools for process automation and analytics, businesses gain customer insights to make smarter decisions for service and increase customer lifetime value. Only this level of customer focus will result in continued growth of brand loyalty and company revenue.

Forrester Research has identified 10 customer service trends for 2017 that customer service professionals should consider as they strategise improved quality of service.

Get this Forrester Report, authored by Kate Leggett, to learn:

  • Top 10 customer service trends to deliver optimal customer service
  • How to build a differentiated customer experience in line with customers’ expectations
  • How to strengthen relationships in an increasingly digital and self-service world
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