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Insights for the Public Sector

Technology, customer habits and the effects of COVID-19 have changed how citizens interact with the public sector. How is the public sector responding in a changing world?

There have been dramatic changes to the ways in which citizens have interacted with the public sector since the beginning of 2020. The effects and aftereffects of the coronavirus pandemic have changed citizens’ needs and therefore the frequency and manner of their interactions with public sector organisations. But what exactly have these changes meant for how citizens contact public sector organisations, and how the public sector responds to citizens?

To answer these questions, GovNewsDirect partnered with Genesys to launch the ‘Experience as a Service’ survey 2021. The survey received 628 unique responses from across the public sector, including Local and Central Government, Healthcare (including the NHS), Further and Higher Education, and the ‘blue light’ Emergency Services. Forthcoming reports will explore the responses from each of these individual sectors in greater depth.

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