Enhancing the Student Experience in the New Normal

As the months in our ‘New Normal’ trickle on and another academic year has begun, it has become clear that there are issues in the UK university sector which aren’t necessarily caused by the Coronavirus. However, the pandemic, like with many other sectors, has simply shone a light on the long-standing issues within higher education and accelerated them, forcing universities to act with greater urgency.

 Amid the continued uncertainty of when and how things can ever return to normal, the student experience at university has unquestionably changed.

 We examine: 


  • How Universities can seamlessly cope with spikes in call numbers whether during clearing, or other busy periods throughout the year
  • How Cloud technology can help meet the high expectations of students in the digital age through anytime communications via phone, email and social media.
  • Ways in which your University can be more flexible and cost-effective
Student experience