Implementing a Contextual IVR System Leads to Tangible Benefits in Cost Savings, Better Customer Experience and Raising Net Promoter Score (NPS)

eir (Eircom), the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic of Ireland, wanted a more agile IVR system that could be updated swiftly. With multiple legacy systems in place, it would take months to make a change to a simple voice prompt.

In terms of customer-facing systems, eir was running two separate platforms for CRM and IVR systems. Over time, their speech-recognition IVR became more complex as more and more rules and processes were layered over the top to accommodate new services. Ultimately, their current IVR was frustrating customers instead of assisting them, bringing down the company’s NPS. Improving NPS became another key driver for their IVR project.

Read how eir realised a return on investment (ROI) within months rather than years, improved customer satisfaction, and increased their NPS score within one month of going live with Genesys.

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