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Executive Brief

Connecting the dots between customer satisfaction and employee performance

Employee engagement is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Yet, many organisations don’t have a clear line of sight between their interdependencies and, more tellingly, which adjustments will have the biggest impact.

Now, more than ever, customer experience (CX) and service leaders need to obsess less about stick-and-carrot productivity measures. They need a fresh approach to improve first first-call resolution, customer satisfaction, net promoter score and much more.

One designed around five-star digital service and the data, communication and collaboration needs of employees – wherever they are working.

Download the executive briefing from Genesys and Orange Business Services to learn:

  • How to extend customer service across the organisation with contact centre collaboration
  • Crucial steps to connecting customer satisfaction and employee performance
  • Transition to an AI-powered data-driven organisation
  • From customers examples of CX collaboration

Download the executive brief

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