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Diversity, equity and inclusion at Genesys.

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"At Genesys, we promote a culture of empathy in which every voice is heard, valued, remembered and understood. We believe it's our responsibility to close equity gaps and foster a culture of inclusion and equality — where every employee feels that their uniqueness is appreciated and knows that they'll be treated fairly. Our culture of inclusion is bolstered by our commitment to one another and to ourselves, as well as an unwavering desire to build a better and more just organisation."

Eric Thomas

Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer

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Meet Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas recently began his new role as Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at Genesys. Learn where he comes from and his vision for the future in this role.

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We believe that our diversity is our strength. We embrace the differences between us because they make us stronger. They give us the power of empathy. And understanding others better is how we deliver the world’s best customer experiences.

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At Genesys, you’ll be part of the team that enables leading brands worldwide to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We’re always looking for people who share our passion for customer experience and know how to make every moment count.

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