Interaction Speech Recognition

Get accurate speech recognition without the complexity

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Improved customer experience

  • Personalise your customer’s first impression of your business.
  • Enable tasks such as address recognition not possible with touch-tone self-service.
  • Simplify customer input and speed up option selection by eliminating long menu lists.

Reduced costs

  • Increase self-service completion rates by offering more natural interactions.
  • More effectively automate simple, repetitive tasks while reserving agents for interactions that require human intervention.
  • Install ISR natively with PureConnect – no additional hardware required.
  • Improve productivity in the enterprise by allowing callers to access the speech-enabled ISR company directory

Contact centres are continually challenged to balance customer satisfaction with cost containment. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) provides an effective method for achieving this goal by enabling more satisfying self-service interactions through a human speech experience.

While ASR offers significant benefits, the solution has been accessible primarily to large contact centres due to the cost and complexity of deployment. Interaction Speech Recognition (ISR) from Interactive Intelligence brings the advantages of speech recognition to contact centres of all sizes by providing a built-in, cost-effective solution with accurate, flexible speech enablement.

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Key features

  • Select speech in accordance with the complexity of your application. ISR includes a large library of built-in selections for grammars: digits, date and time, numbers, currency, and Boolean.
  • No limit to the number of words within a grammar. Allows the ability to perform functions without the restriction of staying within a prescribed word count
  • For enterprise users: Built-in support for company directory as well as speech-enabled options included in Interaction Attendant.
  • Eliminate the need for a separate ASR server by running directly on media server(s).

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