Genesys Workforce Planning

Increase workforce efficiencies, improve service levels and reduce operating costs

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The bottom line: Genesys Workforce Planning drives true benefits

Genesys Workforce Planning takes workforce management capabilities to the next level and helps you deliver on your business objectives.

Improve SLAs across channels with:

  • More detailed insight into service levels and the ability to track work in queue and more efficiently handle backlogs
  • Unique algorithms that improve forecasting and scheduling, increasing the ability to meet service levels for voice and non-voice interactions and work
  • Customised, automated training that doesn’t interfere with schedules and SLAs

Enhance customer experiences with:

  • Routing based not just on skills, but on up-to-the-minute schedules to ensure timely handling of customer interactions and work
  • Customised, “perfect fit” routing to ensure each interaction is directed to the best possible resource to handle the request

Increase employee engagement and satisfaction, and reduce attrition through:

  • The ability to deliver the right work to right person at right time so employees don’t feel over-stressed
  • Simple-to-use agent applications that make it easy to influence schedules—with support for shift bidding preferences and time-off requests
  • Ongoing skills assessments and automated training for continuous performance improvement

Increase control and minimise operations costs by:

  • Automating the use of historical and real-time data to drive consistency and quality in planning, forecasting, scheduling and routing
  • Minimising unwanted overtime and “wrong way routing” with detailed up-to-the-minute schedule and skills information
  • Providing a single source for agent details including skills, schedules and analytics, eliminating time and costs associated with manual operations and skill changes
  • Reducing resources and costs associated with the implementation and ongoing management and optimisation of the workforce management solution (through Guru Managed Services)

Support success for omnichannel business strategies through:

  • An integrated, single-vendor solution to cross-channel workforce planning, forecasting, scheduling, training and routing optimisation
  • Enabling ‘multimedia shifts’ that seamlessly transition work for employees so they can support customers throughout their customer journey

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