Sandra Judd

My role entails working with multiple organisations with a focus on telecommunications, across the UK and Ireland to deliver seamless customer experiences (CX) through the strategic application of technology.Many customers know where they want to be, but are unsure on how to get there and what path best suits them. I take pride in building strong relationships with my customers, enabling them to help their customers achieve their business outcomes whilst providing exceptional CX. For me, it’s all about creating a partnership rather than a single ‘sales transaction’.From an initial conversation, I can recognise the customer need for CX. I then effectively collaborate with you to define a strategy, to ensure a smooth, implementation of positive organisational change.Customer satisfaction is imperative for me and I thoroughly enjoy demonstrating our solutions through a strategic workshop, identifying how you can maximize meeting your customer needs, which in turn; reinforces the need for seamless CX throughout your organisation which is what Genesys do best.I’m a technologist and want to empower companies to create exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys and relationships. Please contact me if you would like further information about how I could help you achieve your business goals.