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How Toyota Financial Services Accelerates Customer Experience Innovation

December 7th, 2017 at 10-11am PST

Fifty-eight percent of consumers agree that technology has changed their expectations of how companies should interact with them. To keep ahead of these rapidly evolving customer expectations, your organization needs to innovate faster. But how can you both accelerate your pace of innovation, and maintain high quality?  Join this webinar and hear how Toyota Financial Services is achieving a more rapid pace of customer experience innovation.

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Genesys Predicts: 2018

Just when you thought you had it covered, the landscape for engaging with customers changed again! Bots, messaging apps, augmented reality and machine learning are at the doorstep of the contact center—all at a time when consumers expectations are skyrocketing. Register now for Genesys Predicts: 2018 to gain on-demand access to the virtual summit. Hear the main stage panel discussion on accelerating trends and 2018 trajectories, featuring a guest speaker from Sun Life Financial. Listen to four break-out sessions that cover everything from machine learning & analytics, AI bots & messaging, to the future of service, customer engagement and employee empowerment. Cruise the virtual expo hall and lounge to download the latest reports from leading analyst firms.

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Within Three Years, AI Will Dominate Call Centers. Are You Ready?

The artificial intelligence movement is already moving at a rapid pace; don’t get left behind! Watch this on-demand webinar to learn everything you need to know about AI in the contact center: why you need it, where to use it and how it impacts the customer experience.

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Becoming customer-centric with Aria’s Visualizer

In today’s age of Big Data every transaction is logged and stored, but with traditional data mining methods, it’s not easy to quickly gain business, customer and agent insights. Learn how Aria's Visualizer for Genesys empowers business and support professionals to see the ‘big picture’ analysis, find and resolve issues efficiently, and improve agent productivity and customer experience.

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The Future of Voice in the Contact Center

Voice is still a key channel for customer delight and differentiation, its role in the contact center has changed, and a phone call has now become an escalation. Learn how Plantronics is addressing this shift in our contact centers around the world in this insightful recorded webinar where you can hear directly from industry experts. 

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Rethink Your Cloud Mix: Is Voice the New Digital?

Featuring Sheila McGee-Smith, Founder at McGee-Smith Analytics

Despite the predicted death of the voice channel, your customers continue to use it—particularly for their most critical concerns. But this doesn’t mean that your legacy voice solution can meet customer expectations today. The voice channel has become an important part of a unified digital communications platform. Watch this webinar and see how to take advantage of the evolution of voice and emerging technologies to satisfy your agents and customers today and in the future.

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How a Contact Center Modernization Strategy Can Bridge the Troubled Waters of Legacy Infrastructure

Featuring special guest speaker Melanie Turek, VP of Research, Frost & Sullivan

There’s a big decision ahead: future-proof your customer experience strategy or stay with the legacy contact center technologies you’re used to. There’s risk in either direction and the decision-making process can seem overwhelming. But breaking free of the outdated systems holding your contact center back has epic rewards: digital transformation, amazing customer experiences and business outcomes that never seemed possible until now. Watch this on-demand webinar and hear from guest speaker Melanie Turek, VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan, to learn critical success factors in the decision process for call center technology center decisions.

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Deploy, Scale & Manage Great Experiences in Minutes. See PureConnect in Action!

An all-in-one solution brings an agile approach to your teams, as well as your reporting and planning. PureConnect, powered by CIC/CaaS, is a proven solution used by thousands of organizations for voice and digital communications for exceptional customer service. Watch this on-demand webinar to see a LIVE DEMO of PureConnect.

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New Methods and Data that Will Improve Contact Center Forecasting

Forecasting has always been called part art and part science, but lately the science has improved dramatically.  The  use of cloud computing and  new data sources, including data from other customer interactions, are now available to inform your contact center of impending volume spikes. Watch this on-demand webinar to see how you can use them to improve your forecasting.

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Improving Capacity Planning - Why Models are Important!

Simulation modeling tells you what happens to your service and costs as your contact center’s operation changes.  Optimization modeling tells you how to best respond to a new scenario—using the capacity planning guides of hiring, overtime, training, and controllable shrinkage. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to use these two technologies to better manage your contact center.

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Creating the Perfect Blend of Motivation for Optimal Agent Engagement

Drive More Quality Calls and Get Credit For Contact Center Performance

Far too many contact center managers focus on using extrinsic motivational methods to encourage their agents to perform better. While these forms of motivation are beneficial, they are typically short-lived and do not have a major impact on the agent’s long-term behaviour. That’s why intrinsic motivation is important and should be incorporated into the agent engagement strategy too.

Discover how nGAGEMENT bridges together intrinsic and extrinsic motivation through the use of gamification to bring agents a wholesome experience. Learn about the importance of implementing a strategy the truly engages agents and positively influences their work ethic.   

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Don’t Put Your Customer Experience in Jeopardy! Learn About Blended AI

Featuring Guest Speaker Kate Leggett, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear emerging trends of AI within customer experience and how market leaders are addressing challenges and measuring success. This webinar has a fun twist! Challenge yourself to beat the finalists—AI experts from Forrester and Genesys—in this very special version of the popular game show. Get your pulse racing as you watch the experts duel while you glean ideas on how to get started with your AI strategy to improve customer experience.

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Be Proactive: Don’t Leave Great Customer Experience To Chance

Take control of your proactive communications and stop leaving your customer relationships to chance! With multichannel outbound solutions, you are in charge of your CX destiny. Watch this on-demand webinar to discover new ideas to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve your customer experiences with timely and hyper-personalized communications.

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Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You! The Shifting Mindset of the Next Generation of Consumers

A look ahead to the future and all its possibilities. We discuss how communication markets are shifting through the influence of millennials, and help you gain insight on engaging the next generation of consumers. Automated vehicles, artificial contact center agents, blended A.I., and the exponential curve are all important topics. Watch now to learn how your contact center can anticipate and accommodate shifting communication needs. 

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How Large Contact Centers Are Managing Risk as CCIM Vendors Struggle

Featuring Guest Speakers from Forrester & SaskTel

It is critical for large companies to address contact center interaction management (CCIM) supplier instability when looking ahead to drive exceptional customer experiences across all channels. For many, the “wait-and-see” option is becoming less viable, especially as the focus on customer experience (CX) and digital transformation accelerate to meet customer expectations.

Hear from special guest speaker Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, Chris Madden, Contact Center Technologies Manager at SaskTel, and Jason Alley of Genesys discuss how to best act on your CX vision while minimizing technology risk and disruption to your business. 

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How Location Elevates Customer Satisfaction and Automates Contact Center Engagements

The proliferation of mobile device usage has elevated the value and utility of location-based services (LBS) for the contact center industry. Join Brenda Schafer, LocationSmart Vice President of Product Management & Marketing, for a presentation on how LBS can help your contact center optimize engagements, achieve immediate ROI and increase customer satisfaction.

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Descope Your Contact Center for PCI DSS Compliance Today

PCI DSS compliance poses many complex challenges for contact centers. With over 400 controls to account for, it may seem like an impossible task to meet every obligation. Thankfully, solutions like Semafone significantly reduce the amount of applicable PCI controls. Watch this AppFoundry webinar on demand to learn more about how to effectively descope your contact center with Cardprotect from Semafone and Genesys.

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Transforming a Non-Traditional Call Center: Hear the Rochester Regional Health Success Story!

Every industry has intricate back-office operations. Take scheduling for instance—getting it right can have a huge impact. Under staff and you frustrate customers and demoralize employees; over staff and it drives up operating costs. The right tools not only address this balance, but can do so for non-standard departments across your company. Learn how a healthcare company utilized a call center infrastructure to gain visibility across multiple departments, increase their efficiency, and improve patient care. 

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Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud: Does Your Team Have the Right Stuff?

Moving your contact center to the cloud has many benefits as your vendor takes on technical system management, but success still lives within your organization. Your team’s mix of skills and roles will change, but it doesn't have to be painful with the right preparation. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from a panel businesses who have successfully made the transition to cloud. Their pain just might be your gain!

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Drive More Quality Calls and Get Credit For Contact Center Performance

Creating a unified omnichannel customer experience is top-of-mind for every contact center today. The Outleads plugin, which connects Genesys to marketing systems from the likes of Google and Adobe, solves this problem by facilitating a collaboration between marketing and the contact center. Learn how you can:

  1. Enable marketing to drive more quality calls to your contact center, increasing sales
  2. Understand your callers better to convert faster, saving time and money
  3. Prove your effectiveness to your ​marketing department​ and get credit for closed sales

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Next-Generation CRM

In the age of the empowered consumer, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the name of the game. And, CRM solutions can be a powerful tool, helping your company deliver consistent, personalized interactions with their customers. Learn how to start using your CRM as a system of engagement with customers in this webinar.

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RIP Call Centers of Old – It’s Time to Bury that Aged Infrastructure!

It’s hard to keep up with the future of your digital customers if you're' weighed down by systems anchored in the past. Hear from a panel of leading businesses who successfully replaced legacy contact center infrastructure with an omnichannel customer experience platform. Moderated by customer engagement industry maven, Sheila McGee-Smith, you’ll learn which business needs drove the change from old to new, the migration strategy including pitfalls to avoid, and the benefits realized.

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Meet Kate and Discover Blended AI by Genesys

Where bots & automation collide with the power of the human touch

Keeping up with your customers’ expectations and the increasing demands on your employees is a challenge. Implementing artificial intelligence (AI) with bots can be an effective way to use automation to gain efficiencies at a lower cost. But bots and your employees need to work together. Watch this on-demand webinar to meet Kate – our customer experience AI – and blended AI by Genesys.  You will learn about the positive impact it can have on your customer experience strategy and business goals.

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How to Boost Contact Center Performance & Customer Engagement with Actionable Analytics

Data is a critical part of your contact center operations and your ability to engage with customers and prospects. But it seems everything about it is difficult – accessing the data, formatting it correctly, determining what’s valuable and what’s not, and finally making it actionable. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can boost the performance of your contact center with actionable insights including. 

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Is Your Contact Center an Asset or Road Block to Digital Transformation?

Featuring Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

As organizations embrace digital transformation to support great customer experience, are the right cross-functional bridges built to seamlessly blend agent-assisted interactions into the customer journey? Hear from Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, to learn about linking customer experience teams and the contact center using the Forrester Research Customer Obsessed Operating Model.

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Deliver the Future of CX Feedback to Your Clients Today With Genesys and VIRTUATell

See how  the VIRTUATell Synaptum® omnichannel CX feedback solution combines with the power and data access available from Genesys, to modernize and empower CX feedback campaigns. The Genesys AppFoundry Partner Webinar is available on demand, to view at your convenience by registering now.

Register for this month’s Genesys AppFoundry Webinar with VIRTUATell to learn more about their automated omnichannel surveys for Genesys.

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Empower Your Team to be the CEO of the Customer Journey

Engaged employees are critical for a successful customer engagement strategy. How do you make every employee the CEO of your customer journeys? Join this on-demand webinar to find out! 

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7 Technologies That Will Change the Way You Engage with Customers

Featuring Ian Jacobs from Forrester Research & Mike Deck from Amazon Web Services

Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, appliances communicating on your behalf. These technologies seemed so far into future, but they are here today. Learn where to start with addressing these technologies and how to include them in your customer engagement strategy.

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The Quest For An Ideal Contact Center Management Tool

Join Chris Woodward, CEO of Anana and Customer Experience specialist, for a demonstration of Mission Control, the ideal contact center management tool that could change the way you operate your contact center forever!

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Making Contact Centers Attractive in the “Gig” Economy

Learn how you can use technology to help level the recruitment and retention playing field and maintain a productive workforce, all while empowering not only your agents, but also your supervisors and your workforce administrators.

Register for this month’s Genesys AppFoundry Webinar with WorkFlex Solutions, the industry leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation®.

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Detangle the Agent Desktop Disaster: Empower Your Team to Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Featuring Richard Snow, VP & Research Director of Customer & Contact Center Research, Ventana Research

Is the complexity of your agent desktop application helping or harming your customer service? How many applications or systems do your agents use on a daily basis? The answer to these questions greatly impact your team’s productivity, training and satisfaction—and equally important, your customer experience. With different channels and apps for ACD, CRM, knowledge base, ticketing systems—and so on—the agent desktop is tangled with complexity! Hear from Richard Snow from Ventana Research to learn how to detangle the agent desktop disaster.

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5 Ways Contact Center Working with Marketing Drives Revenue

Imagine your contact center agents knew why every sales prospect was calling – before taking the call – and could tailor the conversation to close the sale. Imagine if every caller was routed right away to the best agent to convert them to a customer.

These are just two of the strategies contact centers now use to provide callers with personalized, relevant, and winning experiences. Join us to learn more.

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The Uncomfortable Truth About the State of Customer Experience Transformation

Featuring the 2017 Dimension Data Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report, 20th Edition

You will learn the top trends from the five key areas of the study, from innovative strategies on operations and technology to self and assisted service solutions. Spanning over 80 countries and 14 vertical industries, the Dimension Data Global Customer Experience (CX) Benchmarking Report provides the most current information available to reinforce your strategic customer experience journey, regardless of your CX maturity.

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All Cloud Contact Center Software Is Not Created Equal

Architecture And Design Are More Important Than Ever!

As an IT leader, it's hard to keep up with the demands of the business and manage your IT infrastructure. Especially when those demands pertain to your customers’ experience. IT leaders are wearing a lot of hats—managing communication infrastructure, multiple cycles of updates and upgrades from numerous applications and systems, all while keeping the lights on and everything up and running. View the on-demand webinar and watch Lead Architect, Glenn Nethercutt, and Technical Sales Guru, Joe Cuifoo, answer your questions on why architecture and design matters—especially when it comes to contact center and business communications. And how that moves IT from a cost center to a key business enabler.

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How to Unlock Better Customer Experience and Improve KPIs with Vidyo

The foundation of customer service has relied on personal, face-to-face relationships built on trust. While industries change, core values should not. Watch the Vidyo Engage for Genesys Demo to see how you can keep that foundation while providing next-gen experiences for your customers. Register for our webinar taking place on Wednesday, March 30, 2017 at 12 PM Eastern / 9 AM Pacific.

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Protect Your Future NOW—Five Easy Steps to Eliminate Legacy Contact Center Risk

Important Considerations for Future-Proofing Contact Centers and Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

Is management starting to ask questions about the future of your contact center technology and strategy? Are you having trouble meeting the expectations of your customers and leaving your company exposed to risk? Learn how to turn risk into opportunity—before it’s too late—by replacing your legacy contact center with a safe choice for the future. One that serves as a launching pad to deliver new, differentiated customer and agent experiences. One that improves business performance. We’ll share how to avoid pitfalls when selecting a replacement. What to look for in an omnichannel customer engagement offer. And, how to create an effective migration plan. It’s time for change and we’re here to help.

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How to Build a World-Class Contact Center with PureCloud

Your customers want to interact with you in a variety of ways – email, web chat or a phone call. Most cloud contact center vendors provide point solutions for multichannel requirements. Or, they integrate multiple siloed solutions. PureCloud is a true all-in-one cloud contact center solution ideal for businesses with up to 150 agent seats. It has all the tools you need to build a world-class contact center. View the on-demand webinar and see a Live Demo of PureCloud. 

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement: From Vision to Results

The Vodafone Success Story

Vodafone, one of Germany’s largest telecommunications providers, has 8000+ agents handling over 18 million monthly interactions across multiple channels. They had multiple legacy systems for voice and siloed infrastructure for digital channels. Vodafone implemented the Genesys Customer Experience to support end-to-end personalized journey management and deliver a differentiated customer experience (CX). View the on demand webinar and hear the Vodafone success story!

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Contact Center Managers’ Roadmap to the Future in the Cloud

Featuring Mary Wardley, Program Vice President, Loyalty and Advocacy Solutions, IDC

Operating a standard, voice-only call center is no longer enough to keep customers engaged. Customers are utilizing new methods to connect and require channels such as mobile, web, social, self-service and video. Contact centers will soon be required to include new technologies such as chatbots and the support the changes that will come with the Internet of Things (IoT). Watch as IDC and Genesys look at current trends, and examine how the cloud is changing the way companies prepare for and deploy the latest technology in the contact center. 

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Proactively Engage Your Customers in Every Channel—Without Losing Your Mind!

Featuring Art Schoeller, VP and Principal Analyst, at Forrester Research

40% of companies are explicitly using proactive customer communication within an omnichannel engagement strategy to improve customer satisfaction. Proactive communication not only helps you deliver low effort customer experiences, but it also improves bottom line profitability, and loyalty. Watch as we reveal new Forrester research on proactive customer communication, including usage, benefits, and a definitive maturity model of proactive customer communication that you won’t find anywhere else.

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Genesys Talks with CX Leaders: Healthcare Panel —  Designing a Digital Ecosystem for Patients

The transformation in healthcare is unprecedented with the focus on quality and value where performance translates into payment.  New technologies will be paramount to the success of your physician groups as they prepare for patient surveys and value-based care.  A digital strategy can help you leverage and optimize patient-related technology to improve the patient experience and outcomes. See how developing a digital patient ecosystem will allow you to create more productive relationships and improved health outcomes.

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How to Make Your Employees the CEO of Every Customer Moment

Featuring Sheryl Kingstone from 451 Research

The “Experience Generation” is changing the game for customer service organizations to deliver a new “ideal” customer experience. Today’s tech savvy customers are dictating the terms of engagement and employees are faced with increasing pressures to rise to the occasion. Your contact center workforce needs the right tools, training, information, and support to deliver great customer experiences. View the on demand webinar and hear from Sheryl Kingstone from 451 Research on how to make the your employees the CEO of every customer moment.

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Three Keys for a Successful Move to a Cloud Contact Center

Featuring Doug Kaplan, Director of Customer Success at InfoArmor

InfoArmor recently made a successful move to a cloud contact center. This on-demand webinar will cover the importance of developing a balanced business justification with actionable points to convince decision-makers to begin the transition; what to expect when going live; and how to conduct a realistic assessment of progress after the first 90 days. Learn the benefits of switching to a cloud contact center, including cost, scale and agility advantages today. 

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What’s the Easiest First Step to Omnichannel? Surprise—It’s Your IVR!

Featuring Kate Leggett, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Businesses are struggling to provide self-service options in order to meet intensifying customer needs and expectations. Interestingly, an oldie-but-goodie self-service channel—the IVR—is the avenue most ready for transformation to enable true omnichannel self-service. This on-demand webinar featuring Forrester presents brand new research highlighting specific KPIs driven by organizations who have started employing omnichannel self-service, as well as practical recommendations for implementing omnichannel self-service in your business.  

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Genesys Talks with CX Leaders: IBM - Transforming the Digital Customer Experience

Is Your Contact Center Ready for the Next Era CX?

All businesses are threatened by new disruptors and digital transformation. The key to beating the disruptors – or better yet becoming one - is to build great customer experiences through digital omnichannel journeys that are effortless and personal. This interactive discussion with Genesys and IBM will share best practices to differentiate yourself from your competition and be a disruptor in your industry.

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Secure your contact center today! Learn about Pindrop’s state of the art fraud prevention solution.

It is a real challenge to prevent fraud in the contact center.  Fortunately, there are sophisticated solutions you can bring to bear. Learn how you can use Pindrop’s state-of-the-art fraud prevention technology called phoneprinting —a combination of device, location and behavioral analysis — to complement your Genesys installation and combat this pernicious threat

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Benchmark Your Omnichannel Customer Service Readiness

Plan Your Customer Engagement Strategy for 2017, NOW

Delivering an omnichannel customer experience is key to building lasting customer relationships in today’s digital, mobile-first world. Hear from guest speaker Kate Leggett from Forrester Research in this on demand webinar and learn how to benchmark the current state of your omnichannel customer service operations.

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Is It Time to Move Your Contact Center to the Cloud?

Featuring Art Schoeller, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

If Agility Is Essential to Your Business Survival—Now’s the Time to Start the Move to Cloud! Learn the latest innovations in cloud architecture, including the use of advanced public cloud platforms to add global scale and redundancy. The business agility provided by a cloud contact center provides the primary upside, offering cost, time-to-value and flexibility advantages to your worldwide customer engagement footprint. View our on-demand webinar and learn how a cloud contact center can be the key solution-set to improve customer experience, grow customer loyalty and optimize global operations.

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How to Deliver Omnichannel Customer Engagement, Today!

Providing omnichannel customer experience (CX) means having the ability to consistently deliver seamless, personalized service throughout the customer’s journey. View the on demand webinar to learn how to map your customer’s journey and create a roadmap to omnichannel customer engagement.

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OnDemand with CEB TowerGroup

Foster Loyalty Through Effortless Customer Journeys

To drive customer loyalty and increase new business opportunities, understanding the location of hotspots in the customer’s journey -- processes that cause frustration and inefficiencies – is essential. But CEB research indicates that while more than 80% of banks want to map and improve customer journeys, fewer than half are confident they can do it. And when efforts are made to understand the journeys, insights are traditionally based on the historical record of transactions -- a backward -looking, incomplete view.

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Foster Loyalty Through Effortless Customer Journeys

Foster Loyalty Through Effortless Customer Journeys: Featuring CEB Principal Executive Advisor, Nicole Sturgill

CEB research indicates that, while over 80% of banks want to map and improve customer journeys, less than half are confident they can do it. And when efforts are made to understand the journeys, insights are traditionally based on the historical record of transactions -- a backward -looking, incomplete view. Join us as CEB Principal Executive Advisor Nicole Sturgill and Genesys Business Consultant Mark Stanley work with extensive CEB research to discuss:  Which touchpoints customers value most in their bank interactions; How to recognize a customer who is showing signs of discontent and potential flight; And much more!

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4 Key Ingredients to Transform Your Contact Center into an Omnichannel Engagement Center

Hear the TELUS Customer Success Story

Today’s customers expect to receive consistent customer experiences as they transition between multiple channels. Although most companies today support multiple channels such as voice, email, and chat, they cannot share context across these channels. Transforming your contact center to orchestrate end-to-end customer journeys, as against managing individual interactions, is critical to your ability to delight your customers. View the on-demand webinar now to hear how TELUS, Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, transformed their contact center into an omnichannel engagement center.

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Self-Service 2016: Is It Time to Appoint an Omnichannel Guru?

Equip Your Team to Create Personalized Interactions that Drive Self-Service Adoption and Increase Net Promoter Score

The emerging role, Head of Omnichannel is indicative of a paradigm shift in the management of customer journeys. In this on-demand webinar John Lush, Head of Omnichannel at the Irish telecom company eir, explains how his previous role as IVR Manager within eir has equipped him well for the challenges he now faces in his new role. As Head of Omnichannel, he is challenged to deliver great service wherever and whenever the customer seeks it out. Much of what they seek to accomplish can actually be achieved through self-service, rather than agent-based service. Get your team omnichannel ready! 

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Engaging your Employees to Drive Breakthrough Omnichannel Customer Experiences

The key to delivering omnichannel customer experiences (CX) is enabling employees and contact center agents with the right tools to deliver great CX. This requires workforce optimization (WFO) capabilities such as call recording, workforce planning, quality management, training and agent desktop to be ‘omnichannel ready’. Register to view the on-demand webinar. Understand the impact of impementing WFO capabilities from your contact center infrastructure vendor.

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The State of the Omnichannel Contact Center

Featuring Dimension Data and the Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report

Contact centers have undergone a major transformation over the last decade. For the past 19 years the Dimension Data Benchmarking Report has provided the industry with a comprehensive global overview and perspective to the state of customer interactions, and customer management in contact centers. The report highlights research conducted through a comprehensive survey of over 1400 contact center professionals on the current state of their contact center, including usage of various channels and tools, key pain points and plans. Get a preview of the results from the 2016 study and practical steps to embrace these trends.

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Delivering a Great Omnichannel Member Experience

Learn How from UPMC Health Plan-- the J.D. Power Customer Experience Leader

Join us as Kelly Aber, Director of Enrollment Services at the highly recognized and award-winning UPMC Health Plan, shares best practices on how they reached a level of customer service excellence.  Learn how UPMC retains member context as they move among touchpoints, applies business rules to determine the next best action, streamlines task and claims handling, and effectively uses proactive contact to achieve quicker resolutions, reduced costs and increased loyalty. 

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Top Five Reasons Your Legacy Call Center’s “End-Of-Life” Doesn’t Mean the End for You

Important Migration Considerations When Modernizing Your Call Center to Enable Omnichannel Customer Experience

Are you having trouble meeting the expectations of your customers with your legacy ACD, PBX and telephony infrastructures? Replace your existing call center and avoid pitfalls when selecting a replacement platform. We’ll outline the criteria you should look for in an omnichannel customer engagement center solution so you can make an informed decision and start your omnichannel journey off right. If you are looking to satisfy customer expectations and deliver a seamless, consistent and personalize omnichannel customer experience by orchestrating digital and voice channels across all touchpoints—you are ready to make your move and we’re here to support you. 

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Contact Center Economics in the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud? We’ll Help You Make the Case

Featuring Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement from Ovum
As cloud technology matures, new contact center applications are bringing new economics to customer engagement. The market-leading research firm, Ovum, has evaluated significant developments in hosted systems, the current state of play, and the impact of size and geography on contact center costs, to present a look at what has changed recently, and why. Ovum Analyst, Keith Dawson talks about the case for cloud versus on-premises deployment of contact center systems, and how Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) impacts many different factors. We also look at technology upgrades in both deployment scenarios, and the resources saved during cloud deployment—where a pay-as-you-go model is often more attractive for many companies.

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Expérience Client : tendances et visions pour 2016 et au-delà

Comme chaque année en cette période, les nostalgiques replongent avec mélancolie dans l’année qui vient de s’écouler, tandis que les visionnaires de tous horizons se livrent au jeu des pronostics pour les douze prochains mois.

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What Does the Rise of Omnichannel Mean for Your Customer Experience Strategy?

Featuring Raluca Druta, Human Capital Management (HCM) Analyst from TEC

Midsized companies face both challenges and unique opportunities when it comes to competing against larger enterprises. Learning how to deliver next generation omnichannel customer experience is an effective method to differentiate your brand from larger competitors. We will discuss what omnichannel customer experience is all about, best practices for providing effective omnichannel customer engagement, and explore the effects of human interactions on customer experience. Join us to investigate how packaged contact center solutions designed for mid-sized companies reduce total cost of ownership, while improving competitiveness. 

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ROI and Business Benefits of Omnichannel Customer Engagement

A Webinar on Forrester's Total Economic Impact™ Study

Most companies today support multi-channel customer service but are unable to deliver an omnichannel customer experience. While they support many channels such as voice, email, mobile, social and chat, they do not have visibility into the customer journey and cannot deliver a personalized, context appropriate experience for each customer. Hear guest speakers from Forrester Research and learn ROI, cost savings and business benefits (Total Economic Impact) leading companies have experienced with their Omnichannel Engagement Center Solution investment. View the on demand webinar now!

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