UK Contact Centre Vertical Markets: Public Sector (2024)

After the major move away from face-to-face and letter-based communications towards telephony, the public sector has been encouraged to move on beyond this towards multichannel citizen communication. The reality is that the public sector has some of the lowest take-up of digital channels of any sector, and that telephony accounted for more than 80% of inbound interactions in 2018. However, 2020 onwards has seen a major increase in the use of telephony self-service, but this may possibly be due to a drop in live telephony performance in the sector.

“UK Contact Centre Verticals: Public Sector” looks at the structure, growth, technology, HR and commercial issues found in contact centres within the UK central and local government sectors. Leveraging data from multiple large-scale surveys of public sector contact centres in the UK, this study takes an in-depth look at operations and trends.

Download the ContactBabel report and learn:

  • Trends in size, structure and growth of contact centres within this sector
  • Public sector service contact centre metrics benchmarked against the larger contact centre industry
  • Technology adoption trends within call centres in the public sector
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