Digital Channels

Improve your Digital Customer Experience, Increase Revenue and Reduce Contact Center Costs

Multi-channel touchpoints have greatly complicated the end-to-end customer journey. Customers expect to receive a consistent customer experience across all digital channels. This is very difficult to deliver when each channel emerges from a separate technology silo and without workforce management, quality management or visibility into the service or sales performance being provided. With other vendor solutions, the need to manage multiple platforms significantly increases expense and they are less flexible to meet and address ever-changing business drivers.

Contact Center Digital Channels Engagement Solutions

It is time to modernize the digital customer service and sales experience with a Digital Engagement Center covering the core capabilities needed to deliver a consistently seamless CX. Unlike other options, the Digital Engagement Center from Genesys, provides a natively developed suite of digital channels built on a common channel infrastructure within a single customer experience platform that reduces system complexity, removes silos, and adds capabilities such as omnichannel SLA management and multimodal interactions. Agents use an omnichannel desktop supporting all channels, multimodal channel interactions and agent scheduling, planning and training. Genesys helps organizations manage consistent omnichannel customer experiences across designed journeys through the various capabilities of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

Companies Undergoing Digital Transformation Efforts

Digital transformation is occurring across organizations. Investments are being made in new technology, business models, and supporting systems and processes to change the way companies sell, market, operate, and scale in an increasingly digital economy. Companies need a digital engagement center to engage with customers at the right time, with the right person, on the right channel.

On the Web, Genesys enables your business to deliver the greatest level of customer engagement through a truly personalized and dynamically driven self-service website experience. Given the large percentage of customers who engage over multiple channels simultaneously, it is imperative that self and assisted service capabilities support multimodal customer experiences and context.

Proactive engagement is key in the website and mobile app at critical times to engage and offer up knowledge based answers and promotions over chat, video via WebRTC, or other relevant channels before bouncing or abandonment. By combining real-time behavioral analytics with historical customer information, you can recognize the best “moments of opportunity” and offer assisted support. Mobile communications including Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) can be treated in a similar way, routing messages to the resource best suited to respond. In mobile apps, Genesys provides powerful integration to your assisted service allowing you to support inbound calls, callbacks, chat, and email based on resource availability.

In a digital contact center, you can even provide your agents with customer intent and business context so they can exceed customer expectations. All of these interactions are routed to the best available resource anywhere in the organization, and their progress is monitored and managed to meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Interactions are handled through a omnichannel desktop and the whole environment is underpinned with powerful business intelligence.

With Genesys, your customers can use their preferred channel to interact with your brand and avoid disjointed, siloed experiences. Your business can segment and apply experiences across channels by value, importance or need of the customer. You can also identify a preferred channel for the customer to use based on the type of interaction or customer or the time of day.

Digital channels can be used in any touchpoint that spans the customer journey and, unlike many solutions, these channels are supported by end-to-end business analytics enabling a “One Company” initiative. All non-real-time work is managed against SLAs and delivered to the best person to handle it – removing cherry picking and providing full business intelligence.


Improve e-Commerce Sales, Self-Service Interactions, and Web Customer Service

Today, there are over three billion global internet users – 40% of the world’s population – driving consumer growth in digital service, support and sales interactions that require the digital contact center to incorporate better web-based capabilities. Customers are online self-serving, and when assistance is needed, looking to connect and chat on the Web to the companies from whom they purchase products and services – in order to get help, resolve issues and make new purchases. The need to stay competitive and respond to customers over the Web requires more self-service automation and omnichannel support than ever before. Genesys solutions and technologies can help you accomplish this simply and cost-effectively.

Our proactive solutions for web engagement are powered by a robust rules engine, allowing your teams to easily adapt business rules to changing buyer behavior and customer support needs. Genesys helps your organization provide superior cross-channel experiences – including web-based, self-service interactions such as knowledge assisted search, web forms and email. Genesys Knowledge allows companies to deflect interactions by immediately providing suggested articles to customers based on live chat content, email ticket submission, Web form, SMS or Social channels, leading to cost reduction and faster resolutions.

Genesys alone offers omnichannel journey management combined with routing directly to the right agent, web sales conversions and web “first contact” resolution rates. Our full set of capabilities for the Web includes social, callback, video via WebRTC, co-browse window-sharing and proactive chat.

Proactive assistance, or knowledge-based answers at the right time is often the difference between a completed sale and an abandoned shopping cart. Genesys combines real-time behavioral analytics with historical customer interaction data to determine the right time for you to engage web visitors over the right channel with the right person. This requires context within the current interaction, as well as the ability to transition within the web channel from one type of interaction to another, preserving context in the process. Context also allows you to understand where your customer is in the customer journey, so you can proactively push information, offerings such as discounts on cross-sells or new support capabilities. The result? More personalized interactions, more happy customers and more income to the bottom line.

Analyze, Prioritize and Route Social Media Conversations to the Best Resources as Part of a Comprehensive Customer Experience Strategy

According to Pew Research, use of social media has tripled in less than five years, with 72 percent of online adults now using social networking sites. That explosion of social media activity requires new ways for your business to connect social media posts into customer touchpoints. With the immense volume of social interactions growing daily, potentially getting caught in the social blind spot means missing valuable engagement opportunities which can result in customer churn and decreased brand loyalty. By actively using social media monitoring for listening to what customers say about your brand on social networks – and incorporating social capabilities into your omnichannel customer experience strategy – you can stay on top of brand discussion trends and support issues, while uncovering valuable insights. Genesys enables social media touchpoints throughout the customer journey to be managed as part of your overall social care and digital customer experience strategy. Social media engagement is managed by the Customer Experience Platform including routing orchestration, process automation, reporting, and workforce optimization.

As an integral part of the omnichannel functionality of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, social media management becomes a cornerstone of your digital contact center strategy. By extending business rules and service level strategies to the growing volume of social media-based customer interactions, your business will improve its digital customer experience. Be present and responsive on the social networking sites most important to your customers, without creating new “silos” of information. Easily identify and prioritize online comments to share across the enterprise, and call on the most appropriate people to engage with customers as needed, bringing new levels of scalability, consistency and responsiveness to your social customer care strategies.

Social media analytics can uncover unique or otherwise-difficult-to-obtain knowledge about the desires of individual customers and the broader market. Having context around the social conversation can empower your agents to respond with a high degree of confidence and easily meet established service levels. Genesys provides a wide range of capabilities for social engagement, including:

  • Powerful social media analytics tool in the Cloud that cuts through the noise to determine action ability and intent
  • Proactive conversational text and intention analysis with insights
  • Dynamic Response Recommendation Engine to help recommend the best response
  • Advanced filtering, prioritization and routing to ensure the needed posts get responses
  • Easily identified trends around issues, problems, questions, value gains and team performance
  • Real-time dashboard designed for social customer care
  • Industry leading omnichannel routing
  • Genesys Customer Experience Platform for ability to pivot channels for privacy without losing context

Drive Customer Satisfaction and More Efficient Response by Preserving Context and Location Awareness Across Channels

Current growth in mobile device usage is the most significant technology expansion story in history. With three out of every four of mobile users now relying on mobile apps for customer service, the implications of this expansion on customer engagement processes are huge. The impact of this growth is that mobile is now a key component of your omnichannel contact center strategy. Genesys provides the right platform, tools and connections to help you capitalize on this explosive growth and the opportunities it presents.

Genesys supports personalized service and conversations through your mobile applications so that your customers can connect with you anytime, regardless of context or location. With Genesys you can provide escalations to the right resources – to and from mobile apps – and involve other touchpoints such as voice, web, and social media. The ability to follow users for better real-time awareness of location, situation and context helps provide better service and lets you capitalize on timely opportunities.

Scheduling interactions with customer service, receiving notifications and callbacks – all over mobile devices – provides your customers with a level of convenience that drives more loyalty and, in many cases, more revenue. Connecting your customers with the appropriate resources based on mobile location and context is also more efficient for workforce optimization.

Genesys incorporates mobile context into your customer engagement opportunities for faster routing and response to customer issues. Seamless integration with mobile identification, location and presence help you deliver best-in-class mobile solutions and create new opportunities for exceptional service and additional sales.

Genesys enables your organization to bring business rules, conversation history, locations and customers preferences to your mobile interactions, enabling enhanced personalization and a richer digital customer experience which increases loyalty and satisfaction.


Knowledge is at The Heart of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Information is everywhere, but it is inconsistent, often outdated and unmanageable because of the disconnected nature of service channels. This leads to agent and customer frustration and higher business costs.

Knowledge management by Genesys ensures that information is consistent regardless of channel, and that customers receive the same accurate answers whether they’re provided via self-service search, a phone call with an agent, automated email responses, web forms, live chat, SMS, or social media. And since it’s part of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, it infuses every interaction with your organization’s customer knowledge to resolve any query or issue.

Digital Channels Knowledge

Companies can also deflect contact center interactions by immediately providing suggested articles to customers based on live chat content, email ticket submission, web form, SMS or social channels, leading to contact center cost reduction and faster resolutions. Leveraging Genesys proactive engagement capabilities, relevant knowledge is proactively provided on any web page at the point your customers have questions. The result is a superior CX— leading to increased sales and more satisfied and loyal customers.

Quickly Address Changing Customer Demands for Digital Channels with Cloud Services

Today, the gap between a customer’s expectations and the service they receive is huge. Companies struggle to meet customer channel preferences for engagement.

The technologies and departmental business process are often too inflexible to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions. More companies are turning to the cloud as the preferred deployment method when looking to add new channels quickly for a better omnichannel CX.

Genesys cloud offerings provide scalability, agility and security. If you're looking to improve your customer's journey by increasing personalization, delivering consistent and connected customer experiences across channels and touchpoints or meeting your customers' specific channel preferences, such as mobile, moving to the Cloud can help you achieve these objectives while getting to market faster, with quicker time to value and more flexibility. Deliver your customer interactions to the right channel with Genesys Routing. Through easily configurable business rules you are able to more rapidly create the most effective, high-value customer experience, while reducing infrastructure costs, demands on IT resources and security concerns. Genesys provides you with increased agility for responding to dynamic business challenges and brings two decades of industry leadership to cloud solutions.