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  • Customer Experience

    Customer Experience (CX) is about building strong customer relationships and brand advocates by consistently, seamlessly and personally engaging with your customers across their journeys consisting of many touchpoints, channels and interactions. Without a strong customer experience focus many companies are finding it hard to differentiate their offerings and compete effectively. To deliver optimal journeys companies are taking a 360 degree view of the customer experience analyzing data from contact centers, CRM and marketing systems to more effectively engage with customers across customer lifecycles and journeys.

    Successful CX involves many different areas of your company, including customer care and support, sales, marketing and IT – essentially anyone who interacts with your customers directly or indirectly. With the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, you can deliver the optimal journey and experience for each customer with the lowest effort and cost to serve. Try a free trial of the world’s leading CX platform today.


  • Customer Experience Platform and Multi-Channel Contact Center Solutions

    A Customer Experience Platform helps ensure your sales, customer service and support, marketing and IT efforts are aligned and working together to build more loyal customers and deliver a competitive advantage. Deliver low effort customer journeys using automated business processes to give everyone a 360 degree customer view with deep interaction context and actionable analytics across all touchpoints, channels, and interactions. Optimize your customers’ journeys and your workforce performance while delivering seamless customer experiences. 


  • Cloud-Based Multi-Channel Contact Centers

    Today, the gap between a customer's expectations and the service they receive is often huge. That is why companies are creating virtual contact centers with minimal upfront investment by strategically turning to cloud-based CX and contact center solutions that reduce the costs and complexity of multi-vendor technologies including telephony, interactive voice response (IVR), Automated Call Distribution (ACD), multi-channel communications, and workforce optimization. The result is greater business agility including IT flexibility and fast time-to-market with new innovations. Pay only for the software you use and take advantage of cloud-based solutions for real-time response to fast-changing business conditions.