Workforce Management

Optimal Workforce Management for Your Multi-channel Contact Center

Optimizing your workforce starts with accurate forecasting and cost-effective scheduling across all communication channels. Too often, these channels are managed in silos, which creates great complexity and manual work for your planning department. Performance data needs to be gathered from multiple places, but many workforce management systems do not offer multi-channel forecasting methods. As a result, creating an effective workforce schedule takes much time and effort.

Genesys Workforce Management is a key part of the Genesys Continuous Workforce Optimization solution and automates the manual work of your operations and planning teams. Genesys reduces manual work, increases first contact resolution, improves agent productivity, and helps you deliver on your service level agreements within budget.

Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling

Genesys offers multiple methods for forecasting Contact Center workloads and staff requirements. This ensures you can achieve maximum utilization of available resources, for any type of activity or interaction channel. Employees use a web-based portal to set their working preferences, trade or bid for a shift that meets their needs. Based on your service level objectives, employee contracts and preferences, Genesys builds the most effective workforce schedule for your organization.

Workforce Management plays a vital role in providing great insight into strategic workforce planning and scheduling. Staffing for all communication channels is managed and reported, using key statistics such as interaction volume and average handle time for forecasting. Agent information and assigned skills are stored in a single repository and available for interaction routing and personnel scheduling. Through the use of “what-if” scenarios, you can simulate the impact of adding agents or modifying staffing requirements to predict increases in service level objectives.

Real-time Schedule Adherence & Skills Management

To help you make accurate and informed decisions when service levels are under pressure, Genesys Workforce Management offers real-time schedule adherence and staffing level projections. In one single view you can monitor what your employees are doing versus what they are scheduled to do, and immediately take corrective action.

Genesys Workforce Management utilizes a single skills database. It means that any skill changes, whether driven from speech & text analytics triggered workflows or manual skill changes, are available to workforce management without further human interaction. When workforce management is combined with routing from Genesys, employees receive new types of work or stop receiving interactions based on the changes in their work schedule and skills.

Schedule-Based Routing

Schedule-based routing from Genesys automatically consults the schedule in real time to understand if this action violates agent schedules. When an agent’s scheduled activity changes or skill level changes, the routing engine uses this information accordingly in the routing decisions it makes. Schedule-based routing reduced manual changes to agent “skill” assignments as skill updates are absorbed in routing decisions in real time and assures that agents receive only the work for which they are scheduled. Interaction and Work Item routing combined with workforce scheduling greatly optimize the utilization of available resources.

Offline work items, which can occur outside of standard hours and create daily backlogs of work, require a more advanced algorithm other than erlang formula. For these offline activities, Genesys Workforce Management provides a specific forecasting algorithm, optimizing resources across different types of activities to deliver on service level objectives.