Customer Experience Platform

Meets Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

Managing the Customer Journey

Organizations that understand and manage the customer experience journey outperform those that manage the customer experience in business silos; customers feel more valued while your organization benefits from better efficiencies through high rates of first contact resolution. As customer satisfaction increases, so will customer loyalty and, ultimately, your top and bottom line business performance.

Understanding where your customers are in their journey when they interact with your organization requires an experience platform that can help you understand the customer context across various touchpoints including marketing, sales and services, and interactions channels such as voice, email, SMS, social and chat.

Insight into the customer journey helps your business anticipate a customer’s next step and personalize the experience or provide proactive updates to streamline the customer experience.

One Customer Experience Platform for all Touchpoints

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform ensures that the experience you deliver aligns with the expectations of your customer and is journey appropriate. By more effectively matching the workload and the required staffing levels for each customer journey, you can deliver consistent service levels over all touchpoints, channels and interactions throughout your call or contact center and back office.

Genesys provides superior Business Intelligence that is actionable. Based on real-time and historical data, Genesys can help you manage and refine your contact strategies to better achieve business objectives.

The Customer Experience Platform is available from the Cloud or can be implemented on premises through your own data centers or private cloud.

Pick the Edition that fits the needs of your customers (and your business)

Whether your goal is to modernize your Contact Center, increase workforce quality and efficiency or drive better omnichannel customer experiences, Genesys offers an open and scalable platform that efficiently fits into your existing enterprise architecture and reduces total cost of ownership.


Carry context across touchpoints, channels and interactions to deliver optimal customer experience and journeys.

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SIP Communications

Modernize and future-proof the Contact Center with SIP communications – leveraging the convergence of voice and data networks for telephony services and the widespread adoption of digital (non-voice) channels.

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Upgrade or add new Contact Center functionality that integrates with your existing applications and platforms, maximizing the value of your existing investments.

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Genesys Routing

Optimally route customer interactions and work items to improve the customer experience for the entire end-to-end customer journey across multiple touchpointss and channels and to enhance business productivity and efficiency.

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Interactive Voice Response

Deliver a dynamic and optimized customer experience for your self-service or agent-assisted service channels, using an interactive voice response portal for voice, video, and web-based interactions.

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Proactive Communications

Transform customer experience from reactive to proactive and watch customer satisfaction and loyalty soar as costs shrink. Anticipate customer needs, eliminate future, costly customer interactions, and improve revenue with targeted outbound campaigns that support both self-service and live-agent interactions.

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Workforce Optimization

Continuously improve the performance and quality of your workforce with ongoing analytics, coaching, surveys, and more.

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Efficiently improve the customer experience by supporting multiple channels in a single agent workspace, eliminating the need for cumbersome, disconnected desktop applications.

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Application Design

Reduce development timelines and rapidly deploy self-service applications within your business, allowing powerful interaction steering and personalization capabilities for dynamic interaction flows.

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Reporting & Analytics

Report and analyze agent performance to better meet your SLAs.

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Simply deploy, configure, provision and monitor your Genesys Customer Experience Platform – whether in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid – with powerful, centralized administration that offers local and remote operational control.

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