Connect Your Customers Across Channels

Transform your customer journeys with a customer experience platform that integrates channels, context and the ability to optimize your workforce and processes.

See why industry leaders around the world count on this omnichannel platform to deliver the customer engagement, employee engagement, and business optimization capabilities that enable great relationships and business results.

The Genesys Customer Experience platform offers a range of capabilities to meet your unique challenges.

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Empower your employees
  • Understand your business better
  • Drive new revenue
  • Prepare for future changes

This is my first contact center…

Welcome! PureCloud is a quick and easy way to get started with your teams. By using the PureVoice option you don’t even need telephones, just a headset and a laptop. PureCloud is built to be easy to understand. It’s simple to use but very powerful, with best practices built into most settings as the defaults. You can be up and running in a few days, and likely even sooner.

Does it matter how many people we have...

Small business to mid-market (40-500 seats) = PureCloud
Mid-market to Commercial (400-4,000 seats) = PureConnect
Commercial to Huge (1,000-100,000 seats) = PureEngage

But, of course it’s never really that simple. You can see the numbers overlap quite a bit. Some 700+ seat contact centers are running on PureCloud, while some mid-market contact centers are running on PureEngage.

I’m worried about securing the data of our customers…

It seems like data breaches are becoming all too common. Genesys takes data security very seriously and we have the certifications to prove it. PureCloud, PureConnect, and PureEngage all have HIPAA and PCI and SSAE, and we follow ISO standards for enterprise software development. We test all the time, and we are continually improving our approaches to security as new attacks emerge.

I can only run on-premise, no cloud for us…

We understand. The cloud is not the solution for everything. PureEngage and PureConnect offer mature on-site deployment models for organizations that want to run in their own data centers.

I’m only interested in a cloud solution…

All three products have you covered: PureCloud, PureConnect, and PureEngage

I have global offices and support sites…

Genesys is global company with strong support around the world. All of our solutions are engineered to integrate across borders and in multiple languages: PureCloud, PureConnect, and PureEngage

I need complex integrations into proprietary systems…

If you’re looking for a vendor with strong partners and professional services, Genesys is fully equipped to help your organization. Our Professional Services group has worked with thousands of companies and can build something that is completely new, or hook you up to hundreds of existing integrations using structured best practices:

PureEngage is our high-end solution with nearly limitless choices. It is used by many of the largest companies worldwide with very sophisticated, owerful capabilities.

PureConnect is built on a standards-based All-in-One philosophy. It has standardized integrations for the most common CRMs, WFO tools, and other systems.

PureCloud is built with Public APIs and can connect directly to other cloud applications in an easy to add and configure admin area. If you want deeper integrations the API can be used to add more data to PureCloud for your users, or to pull all your data from PureCloud for reporting and other uses, we provide consulting and also free GitHub open-source projects so you can build your own solutions.

I have developers that want to build custom API extensions…

Technologists! When you have talented folks around, you want to use them to build useful things. PureCloud is a great place to start, with online developer tools including open source projects from GitHub and a fully documented public API that allows you to pull data out, and push your own data in, and use a lot of our built-in cloud search and database tools, plus you can insert your own forms into the PureCloud screens. We’ll even help you build something on our platform to re-sell to other companies!

(We also have public APIs for PureConnect and PureEngage you can use!)

I want simple and easy to run so my teams can admin their own tools…

Step right up and take a look at PureCloud

I want an All-in-One solution that makes it easy to add new features or people…

PureConnect is the original All-in-One contact center solution with an innovation history extending back to 1997. It has a fine combination of powerful features and is used by thousands of organizations ranging from 50 to 10,000 support agents.

I need futureproofing…

All of our products are built with the future in mind. We are continually looking forward and evaluating new technologies across all of the products. PureEngage has teams looking at AI and machine learning and we will share those services across the entire platform. And, we’re very proud of the cutting edge microservices technology in PureCloud, and the continuous deployment strategy that keeps the whole system up to date.

I need something in a hurry…

Nothing can be faster to deploy than PureCloud.

Need more specialization? Then go with PureConnect Cloud, a great All-in-One product that connects to everything and gives you flexibility to grow and replace older systems. All-in-One, but not ‘All-at-Once’.

I need a system that duplicates all my existing functionality…

You want to reduce the risk of switching to another system by controlling all the variables. But you also know that means you’ll have to do two rounds of integrations: one to duplicate your old system, and another to take advantage of the power your new system allows. Start with PureEngage for maximum flexibility. On a tighter budget you may have to change some reports, but PureConnect can give you almost all of the capabilities of the older systems, while giving you a flexible, All-in-One system that can quickly evolve into a powerhouse.

I want flexibility on where my people work…

All offerings work in many regions and languages. Remote workers can be configured in all the products too. For maximum flexibility, PureCloud is completely web-based. All you really need is a Chromebook and a headset, and some web access and your people can sign in and work from anywhere.

My Millenial users are asking for modern tools…

PureCloud was started by a bunch of those guys in 2012. It’s extremely easy to understand and use.

I’m can’t have things falling apart when we upgrade…

That’s why we built PureCloud on a multi-tenant continuous deployment architecture, and built all the services as public APIs. Those API interfaces act as contracts between the systems so that we continue to innovate behind the API, as long as we continue to honor all the valid requests. We may add new functions, but not in a way that breaks the older contracts. You can depend on us. We’ve been busy rebuilding our other cloud products to follow this thinking. PureEngage now has continuous delivery for development processes.

PureConnect takes a different path. It uses quarterly releases, but is built to follow industry standards, so it is much more likely that your other vendors have tested those interfaces before their updates, and of course we test PureConnect very thoroughly for each release.

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