Deploy Genesys CX Solutions for
Better Customer Experience Optimization

Today, new digital communication channels are continuously being introduced. Customers are quickly adopting these new channels – including web, social, and mobile – making them an important element of your customer experience strategy. As customer interactions have expanded across multiple touchpoints, many companies have been forced to manage front and back office efficiency with a mix of disconnected multi-vendor solutions. As a result, customers have broken experiences that needlessly test their patience and loyalty, while organizations don’t realize operational efficiencies or financial returns.

What’s required is an integrated all-in-one customer experience platform that preserves customer context across all touchpoints and communication channels available from the cloud or in your data center. It takes these capabilities to measurably optimize front and back office workforces, increase efficiencies, improve end-to-end customer experiences along the customer journey, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Genesys can help you successfully implement best-in-class solutions to optimize your front and back office, improve customer loyalty, increase sales and collections, and align your customer care with strategic business goals—all while delivering operational efficiencies, optimizing the customer experience and lowering costs across your organization.

Contact Center Modernization

Customers are changing their interaction behaviors and technology has altered the way we connect. Modernizing your Contact Center has become a business imperative. Genesys can help you modernize your Contact Center in five ways: end-of-life ACD replacement, improving customer experience, TDM to SIP infrastructure refresh, acceleration of operational efficiencies, and expansion of digital channels.

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From phone to web to mobile app, the importance of self-service in today’s customer journey has never been greater. From managing these multiple channels of interaction to delivering the actual self-service platform, Genesys offers a range of solutions to help brands deliver optimal customer experiences.

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Enterprise Workload Management

Research reveals that 28% of back office employees’ time is spent performing unproductive tasks. Genesys helps organizations improve workforce efficiency and the end-to-end customer experience in Contact Centers and beyond.

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Proactive Customer Communications

Outbound customer contact is more important than ever, including predictive, progressive, and preview dialing. Genesys can help your business keep customers proactively informed, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

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Continuous Workforce Optimization

New levels of automation and performance improvement are now within reach. Genesys solutions for continuous workforce optimization (WFO) integrate not only the workforce optimization cycle, but also the work distribution cycle for increased efficiency.

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Cloud Simplicity

A secure and scalable platform lets businesses of all sizes quickly deploy and manage cloud-based Contact Centers, proactive customer communications, workforce optimization, and mobile marketing solutions.

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Industry-Ready Innovation

Every industry has its own unique customer service requirements. From banking to healthcare to retail and beyond, Genesys serves them all.

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