Why Improving and Managing Customer Satisfaction Will Boost Your NPS Score

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, companies cannot afford to lose customers. Even worse, a poor reputation among existing customers will often block companies from winning new business. 

Net Promoter is now the worldwide standard for organizations to measure, understand and improve their customer experience. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer experiences using just one simple question that everyone in your organization can understand – “how likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” The simplicity of the question and the subsequent answer provides valuable insight over time and directly relates to profitable business growth.

The question most asked by businesses and organizations alike is, “how can I improve our NPS score?” While an organization can’t directly influence a customer’s answer to the NPS question, it can manage the customer experience they deliver. Organizations use a number of different strategies to positively affect their NPS score.

Strategy #1: Target the Customer Experience

Don’t try to manage the NPS metric or try to manipulate the customer when asking the question. Manage the overall customer experience – which will be reflected in improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) that in turn will boost your NPS score.

Strategy #2: Understand Your Customer’s Journey

By taking the perspective of the customer, you can quickly understand how they interact with the products and services your company has to offer. You can form this perspective by talking with customers, talking with front office employees or being a customer of your own company. The important thing is to identify all of the key touchpoints, channels and interactions involved from pre-purchase through to post-purchase service and support.

Strategy #3: Concentrate on Changing the High-Impact Points First

Making small course corrections in a sporadic manner leads to small, incremental changes at best. Making bold changes and concentrating your efforts on a few high-impact initiatives will lead to significant breakthroughs in your CX. First call resolution, consolidating omnichannel interactions for a single view of the conversation, or optimizing processes and resources using back office management solutions can have a big impact.

The NPS measurement is simply a way to quantify directional performance over a long period of time. The real operational focus needs to be on customer experience, not NPS. By delivering a rewarding experience that customers will want to talk about, your NPS will automatically reflect those improvements you have made to both your brand recognition and business operations as a whole.

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