Digital White Paper: Genesys State of Customer Experience research

The customer experience market has transformed and it’s now at a crossroads. Legacy call centers have transitioned to customer engagement centers that manage every type of customer service and support interaction—regardless of channel.

Managing the customer experience goes beyond providing great service and support. It includes a complete customer journey that begins with customer acquisition. Everyone agrees that customer experience is a differentiator, but are you meeting your customers’ needs when it comes to the overall experience? Who owns customer experience within your business? And how does the customer journey play into customer experience? Often, there’s a disconnect between what businesses provide and what customers want and need.

Customer experience is an ongoing evolution driven by customer preference. All businesses, including Genesys, must continue to adapt as customer preferences change.

The Genesys State of Customer Experience research report was created to deliver consumer and business  perspectives on the customer experience. Throughout these chapters, you’ll find insights and guidance into the customer trends and technological developments that are shaping customer experience today—and in the future.  

Merijn te Booij

CMO - Genesys

Mind the Gap

Consumer Preferences Drive
Customer Experience

About This Research

The Genesys State of Customer Experience is an ongoing series of consumer and business findings related to customer experience. The first global survey, executed on behalf of Genesys by an independent research firm, includes insights from 1,900 consumers and over 1,300 business users across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.  Business respondents included executive roles within IT, customer care and marketing.

The research reveals how consumers prefer to interact with a business, what they value most when engaging with a business, what personal information they are willing to share in exchange for a better experience, and what businesses miss when it comes to delivering an exceptional experience across their customers’ journeys.

The research also examines how businesses define the customer journey and organizational structures related to managing customer experience goals, how businesses gather and use customer data related to the experience, and what types of customer engagement channels and technologies are available today and will be used in the future.

Choose a Chapter to Get Started

  • Customer Experience:
    the good, the bad and the ugly

    • Industry experiences
    • What consumers value most
    • Initiate a mobile-first strategy
    • Make the wait worthwhile
    • Customers will pay more for a better experience
    • Genesys Recommends: Know your customers

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  • Optimizing business structures
    for customer experience

    • Should marketing own customer experience?
    • Customer experience management remains siloed
    • Customer experience tracking
    • Genesys Recommends: Break down business silos

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  • Understanding the customer journey

    • Personalization versus privacy
    • Personalization techniques
    • Personalization leads to greater wallet share
    • Channel switching is the new reality
    • Genesys Recommends: Offer a 360-degree customer experience

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  • Customer engagement channels

    • Uncomplicating customer engagement channels
    • Your customers are talking
    • Then and now
    • Channel satisfaction matters
    • Channel preferences change
    • Genesys Recommends: Omnichannel engagement best practices

    Coming Soon

  • Who’s driving digital engagement

    • Digital engagement: A key component of transformation
    • Following the generational shift
    • Regional variations
    • The rise of mobile messaging apps
    • Social media engagement and sharing
    • Genesys Recommends: Where to start with digital engagement

    Coming Soon

  • Next-generation automation: The future is now

    • Ready or not, here come the bots
    • The internet of things (IoT) transforms engagement
    • IoT and customer engagement
    • Genesys Recommends: Where to start with automation

    Coming Soon

  • A clear view of virtual reality and augmented reality

    • Virtual reality
    • Video engagement
    • Augmented and virtual reality customer experiences
    • Genesys Recommends: Virtual reality is on the move

    Coming Soon

  • Future-proof your customer experience with the cloud

    • The benefits of cloud
    • Cloud in the contact center
    • Not all clouds are created equal
    • To cloud or not to cloud?
    • Genesys Recommends: Put cloud on your to-do list

    Coming Soon

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