Watch now: New CX strategies for the “now” normal

Meet the challenges of 2020 with 20 videos full of the right insights, the right practices and the right
technology to create the customer experiences your business depends on.

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Lead with empathy to build trust and loyalty

Hear from Genesys CEO Tony Bates how making your customers feel remembered, heard and understood leads to better business outcomes.

Evolve your CX strategy

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Deliver mission-critical support with cloud & AI

When it’s more important than ever, communicate and collaborate effectively with Genesys and Google Cloud.

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How CX has changed forever

Analyst Sheila McGee-Smith discusses the long-term changes to employee and customer experience.

How contact centers are adapting

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Facing unforeseen challenges

Hear from online university WGU and digital retailer TechStyle on successfully handling disruption.

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Navigating the new normal

Financial firm Principal and Homesite Insurance share tips for thriving in a remote working environment.

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Continuity planning through the cloud

SITA air transport IT service and Avmed health plan detail how cloud flexibility keeps things running.

Innovations that power great CX

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The future of Genesys Cloud CX

Learn how the world’s leading public cloud contact center platform is built to take your CX into the future.

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Genesys Multicloud

Learn how the Genesys Multicloud CX solution provides choice for sophisticated enterprise call centers.

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Genesys and Microsoft

Learn how the cloud enables Genesys and Microsoft to work together and accelerate value to customers.

Breakouts for contact center, customer service, customer experience professionals

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Customer expectations during a crisis

Learn how recent events impact consumer behavior, when to be proactive and how to show empathy.

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Preparing for the unthinkable

Build a strong business preparedness plan, including three steps to take today to be ready for emergencies.

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Solving old workforce problems in new ways

See how to motivate employees with gamification and better manage your resources.

Breakouts for CIOs, CTOs, IT professionals

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Why cloud is more important than ever

See why the cloud is critical for business agility and learn how to identify flexible technologies.

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Rapidly enabling a remote workforce

Learn proven tips and techniques for quickly and successfully deploying a remote workforce.

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Create and expand conversational self-service

Grow your self-service capabilities with bots for voice and digital channels as well as third-party integrations.

Breakouts for system engineers, IT architects, software developers, programmers

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Build a contact center over lunch

Learn to adapt quickly with the intuitive design, rich capabilities and API flexibility of Genesys Cloud CX.

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Build, buy or extend

Explore how to get what you need by building or buying a contact center, and easily extending it for more value.

Regional highlights

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Key learnings from the Americas

Hear many ways companies are staying strong and moving forward in the current environment.

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Key learnings from Europe, Middle East & Africa

Hear how cloud technology is empowering companies to provide empathy and make a difference.

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Key learnings from Asia-Pacific

Hear about the expansion of cloud technology and new workforce gamification.

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