This event is in joint partnership with Trends & Technologies.

As customers’ way of reaching out to organizations evolve, your CX design has to proactively adapt to suit their needs. AI has been trending in complementing CX for more personalized superior omnichannel experiences.

Providing efficient CX is no longer enough for today’s businesses. Customers want to be heard, seen and helped — and they expect great customer service infused with empathy. Every Genesys AI product personalises customer experiences to deliver support with empathy through a four-step cycle:

  • Listen as customers engage agents across digital and voice channels
  • Understand and predict what customers want based on their behaviour
  • Act by connecting customers to the right agent or self-service resource
  • Learn from all interaction results to continuously improve

This event will present the art of possibility when it comes to Generative AI and business transformation.


*attendance is subject to availability & approval