Elderly and disabled citizens can feel lonely and isolated. Thanks to Palmia that’s no longer the case. The government-owned agency has put Helsinki’s citizens at the heart of its multi-channel contact center strategy.

It’s much easier for citizens to arrange catering, property maintenance, cleaning, security, and wellness services. Urgent inquiries, like incoming calls from homes with emergency nurse-call systems are dealt with quicker.

In addition, Palmia benefits from deeper understanding of contact center performance. Waiting times have reduced, enabling it to offer higher service level agreements. Dashboard reporting keeps everything on track. And agents are happier because their work is more varied and fulfilling.


  • Citizens have more choice and ways to resolve issues
  • Better insight and tools for managing contact center performance
  • Agent are more efficient and fulfilled

“Calls used to last about 20 minutes on average. The majority are now resolved first time and dealt with in less than four minutes.”

Riitta Karvinen


  • Align contact center to support business growth
  • Improve citizen experience and service levels