Our 1st Edition – “CX Chronicles – The Mastery of Experience Orchestration [Inception]”, promises an immersive exploration into the strategic integration and management of customer interactions across all touch-points, enriched by the power of AI Powered Experience Orchestration.

Drawing inspiration from the multi-layered narrative of the movie “Inception,” our session will delve into the intricacies of customer experience. Much like navigating through dreamscapes, we will explore the imperative of leveraging cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and AI Powered Experience Orchestration to anticipate customer needs and surpass their expectations.

Session Highlights
Industry Research Presentation – Unveiling the CX Dreamscape:
Explore how AI innovations elevate both customer and agent experiences in the CX Dreamscape presentation. Gain insights into the Dream Journey, from envisioning CX goals to their real-world implementation.

Fireside Chat on Transformative CX Journeys:
Engage with industry peers, leaders, and experts in a dynamic Fireside Chat discussing cloud, omnichannel, and Gen AI in CX. Discover effective strategies for crafting seamless customer journeys and real-world case studies showcasing Gen AI integration.

Fun AI Maze Game – Navigate Challenges with Genesys AI:
Have a blast with our AI Maze game, where you’ll tackle customer service challenges using Genesys AI tools to achieve key objectives. Get hands-on experience and explore the capabilities of Genesys AI solutions.

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