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Welcome to cloud CX from Genesys and AWS. Guiding transformation so your possible becomes reality.

Done correctly, cloud adoption shortens time-to-innovation, strengthens data protection and transforms experience for customers and employees.

Contact centers are at the heart of this shift. From on-prem to cloud. Voice to digital. Siloed to unified data. Manual to automation. Office-based to hybrid.

Now, the global leaders in cloud contact center software and enterprise cloud platforms have come together to help organizations solve these challenges and more.


All-in-one solution for the unique needs of the Middle East

Assured resilience, compliance, and data sovereignty

With AWS, you manage the privacy controls of your data, control how it is used, who has access to it, and how it is encrypted. We underpin these capabilities with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today.

Human talent used where it matters most

Free your agents from dull, repetitive tasks with AI-powered voice and chatbots. With Amazon Lex conversational AI and Amazon Kendra enterprise search service, you can provide better answers, faster.

Amazing journeys with personalized service

Keep track of customers as they effortlessly switch between voice, email, text, chat and social channels. Introduce agent gamification strategies and replace cost-centric KPIs like average handle time with CX-centric ones like net promoter score and customer effort score.

“Easy to adopt” for the Transformation Journey

The idea is that we are able to support the Business Process, reduce the Technology complexity and extend the Digital interactions.

Making it easier than ever for customers to start conversations. It’s following that conversation, wherever it goes, that’s the tough part. With Genesys Cloud powered by AWS, customers can start conversations on any channel and keep them going no matter what – even if they need to switch mid-conversation.

Now available in Arabic

Create a more localized employee experience with our new Arabic supported interface. The Arabic interface will allow Genesys customers from the Middle East to leverage the power of Genesys Cloud in their native language.

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Sharper retail edge

Retail customers expect a lot when they engage with agents. Give them the support they need by seamlessly blending AI. Reducing frustration for agents and customers by better optimizing your resource pool capacity. With Genesys Cloud and AWS Contact Centre Intelligence (CCI), you can easily create and orchestrate bots for every channel and provide end-to-end context, enabling your agents to consistently deliver standout service.

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Innovation unlocked with simple purchasing

AWS Marketplace offers a broad selection of software solutions from a variety of vendors that can be implemented quickly and with the controls you need. Giving you the agility to keep up – paying for what you need, when you need it.

Trusted Partners in the Middle East

Having a platform that manages only interactions and work items is not enough. You need an AI-ready solution that interoperates with your existing systems, so you can leverage contextual data to orchestrate your customer journeys.

Trusted, global expertise

Pooling knowledge, skills and best practices from around the world, we work closely with your team sharing technical know-how and use cases for a successful cloud migration.

Everything you need to get the most from your Genesys and AWS platform.

Firmly in the driving seat

Our native workforce engagement tools help you identify high-performing areas as well as inefficiencies and gaps.

So you can correctly adjust routing, work assignments and coaching to supplement agent skills. And, with precise, multichannel forecasting you can instantly spot and address unexpected workload demands.

Insight and automation

Amazon Lex and Amazon Kendra make it easy to capture customer intent in real time and understand context.

Quickly building new services, you can offload queries to a voice or chatbot using dynamic FAQs and knowledge bases. Resulting in higher customer satisfaction and lower cost-to-serve.

Meaningful CX metrics

Up-to-the-second analytics and real-time customizable dashboards provide the information you need to manage your contact center across multiple teams and channels.

Generate reports so you can track and analyse service levels, call times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction and more.

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Together, the Genesys Cloud platform powered by AWS can improve your customers’ experiences and maximise customer satisfaction across the Middle East

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