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Chapter 3

Rethinking the customer experience

In addition to changes in how consumers use digital platforms, they’ve also shifted how they interact with companies.

Consumers in Asia-Pacific contact customer service at a much higher rate than those in other regions. In Europe, just 16% of respondents say they interact with customer experience teams at least once a month.

This means companies have fewer opportunities to interact with their customers. Understanding customer intent, making customer journeys seamless and intuitive, and providing an empathetic interaction have never been more important. While technology plays a critical role in enabling this efficiency, many consumers still prefer human-to-human interactions. In the US and Asia-Pacific, one in six consumers has called customer service just to hear a human voice.

Customer service use in the past year

At least once a month
Less than once a month
United States
Latin America
Three priorities for engaging with today’s disconnected consumer:
Prioritize empathy
When consumers were asked to rank important aspects of customer service, empathy outweighed speed.
first icon
Service from an agent who makes it clear they understand your situation even if it takes longer to solve the issue
Fast, efficient resolution - it does not matter to me whether it’s from a bot or a human as long as it is quick
Personalized service that feels unique to my needs
Communicate to connect, not just sell
Nearly 60% of respondents say non-sales-related communications 
are markers of great customer service.
more than half
(59%) of companies recognized
for excellent customer service send non-sales-related communications
Create connected experiences
Use data to provide more seamless customer experiences.
two in three
feel that companies collecting data on their customers improves the service experience