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Connect customers to the right agents

Connecting customers to the right agent based on their individual needs is incredibly challenging – even for the most sophisticated contact center. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Genesys Predictive Routing allows you to test which queue is most suited for optimization based on your specific KPIs. Once you run your test, you'll see which queue provides the best business outcome.

Evaluate potential improvements

You can start an evaluation of your queue traffic to determine where predictive routing can improve your KPIs.

View a benefit assessment​

View queue-by-queue results and get recommendations on next steps.

Run comparison testing​

Run a comparison test to trial Genesys Predictive Routing with your existing routing strategy.

See summarized business benefits

See what benefits predictive routing provided compared to current routing methods.

Get a breakdown of test results

View a detailed daily breakdown of results. Then export and share them with your team.

Deliver the best outcomes for your customers and your business ​

Start your 30-day free trial and learn how Genesys Predictive Routing helps you decrease average handle time, increase Net Promoter Score and drive new revenue.