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Vamos começar!

Vamos dar uma rápida visão geral das capacidades de gerenciamento de e-mail na Genesys. Demonstraremos como você pode fornecer ótimas experiências ao cliente e jornadas contínuas em todos os canais.

Configure and customize

Enabling email management with Genesys is easy. All you need to do is configure all the inboxes you need; add your email as a communication channel on your public website; and leverage our prebuilt web forms and widgets to customize the access form(s) to your corporate look and feel.

Routing email

The Designer workflow builder enables businesses to find the right balance between self-service and assisted service. Leverage external knowledge management and AI/NLU engines for auto-responses or suggested responses; or select the best-skilled agents for the most complex inquiries. Designer allows you to build once and apply in multiple interaction channels.

Classification and prioritization

With Genesys email management capabilities, business users can set up rules to classify and prioritize all incoming email interactions. Meet your key metrics when handling large volumes of interactions or provide hyper-personalized service to your VIP customers so you never miss your targets.

Universal email queue

The Workload Manager interface allows business users to stay in control of the workload by pausing, restarting or canceling interactions, as needed. You can check incoming interaction details easily and get an at-a-glance view of all your incoming email messages to sort, filter and arrange them.

Agent interface

The Genesys agent desktop simplifies email handling through a single, integrated multichannel interface. Agents can increase their productivity by having immediate access to canned responses, localized grammar, spell checking, customer interaction history, CRM system integration and real-time agent assistance.

Monitor email performance

Performance control dashboards give line of business directors and managers immediate access to key metrics, such as the number of handled email, email in backlog by categories, arrival volumes and more.

Veja tudo o que você pode fazer

Solicite uma demonstração para ver como a Genesys possibilita conversas fluidas em canais digitais e de voz de maneira fácil e unificada.