Expanded Plan Comparison

Genesys Cloud CX 1

Genesys Cloud CX 2

Genesys Cloud CX 3


Drag and drop web-based design tool

Inbound self-service call flows

Callbacks (IVR)

In-queue audio configuration

Outbound call flows

Email and chat flows

SMS and messaging flows


Native versioning

Printing a call flow

Real-time error tracking

Robust expression editing

YAML-based development option

YAML-based development option

Speech-enabled IVR

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): Supported languages

Integrated prompt management

Integrated speech enablement

Secure IVR

Text-to-Speech (TTS): Supported languages

TTS integration – Google, Amazon Polly, Acapela, Nuance Vocalizer, Speechmorphing

Secure TTS – Google, Amazon Polly


Native voicebot (Genesys Dialog Engine)

Amazon Lex integration

Google Dialogflow integration


Amazon Lex integration

Native chatbot (Genesys Dialog Engine)

Google Dialogflow integration

Artificial intelligence

*AI product capability is usage-based (per event). Checkmarks below indicate GC version availability.

Predictive customer engagement*

Native voicebots and chatbots (Genesys Dialog Engine)*

Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow bot integrations (Self-Service)*

Predictive routing*


Chat and email

Inbound messaging (WhatsApp, Facebook Messaging, Twitter Direct Message, Line)

Facebook App for Messenger

SMS inbound/outbound, SMS campaigns

Inbound SMS with MMS

Web chat co-browse and screen share

Bots – chat, messaging, SMS

Native chatbot (Genesys Dialog Engine)

Amazon Lex integration

Google Dialogflow Integration

Routing – chat, email, SMS and messaging

Bullseye routing

Predictive routing*

Preferred agent routing

Priority, FIFO routing

Skills-based routing

Customer insight

Wrap-up codes

Canned responses

External contacts

Customer journey


Self-Service (IVR)

Callbacks (IVR and web)

In-queue audio configuration

Voicemail (ACD-routed)

Voice co-browse and screen share

Bots – voice

Native voicebot (Genesys Dialog Engine)

Amazon Lex integration

Google Dialogflow integration


Bullseye routing

Predictive routing*

Preferred agent routing

Priority, FIFO routing

Skills-based routing

Customer insight

Wrap-up codes

Canned responses

External contacts

Customer journey


Advanced Record Processing Rules

Agentless / auto-messaging

Answering machine detection

Contact list management

Contact list Rest API

Data export

Inbound / Outbound blending


Agent-owned preview




Scheduled callbacks

Outbound SMS campaigns

SMS campaign content templates

TCPA solution partnership

Abandon rate configuration

Caller ID control

Campaign sequences

Filtering for call lists

Multi-level caller ID settings

Outlook-style schedule view

Progress view

Callable times

Dynamic Do Not Call lists

Multiple DNC lists per campaign

Online DNC.com integration

Pacing control and overrides

Time zone mapping – automatic for North America

Time zone support

Customer insight

Wrap-up codes

Canned responses

External contacts

Customer journey

Agent scripting

Customize Script

Default script – basic contact info

Import / export scripts

Inbound and outbound call support – voice

URL screen pop

Chat and email

Messaging and SMS

Complex variable types


Version control


Interaction recording – all channels (dual and single channel)

Audit trail

Secure pause

Flexible interaction search

Long-term cloud storage

Permission-based playback access

Policy-based recording retention

Policy-based export to external S3

Bulk download and delete though API

Screen recording – all channels

Multi-monitor screen recording

Quality management:

Listen / monitor, annotate, evaluate

Evaluation audit trail

Calibration process

Evaluation assignment (ad hoc and policy-based)

Evaluation Form Designer 

Multiple question types: Yes / No, multiple choice, critical, fatal 

Evaluation form weighting

Evaluation notification and feedback 

Faceted evaluation search  

Ad hoc quality coaching (flag recordings for coaching)  

Quality admin and evaluator dashboards  

Voice of Customer:

Multi-channel post interaction web surveys

Survey views

NPS as question type

Policy-based survey

Speech and text analytics:

Voice transcription

Topic spotting and tagging

Topic manager built-in library and customer topics

Customer sentiment scoring

API endpoints for speech and text analytics

Workforce planning:

Single site and multi-site forecasting and scheduling

Flexible planning group configuration

Multiple service goal templates


via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

Process automation

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

Capacity planning

via Decisions Add-On

via Decisions Add-On

via Decisions Add-On


Voice and digital channel support

Weekly and multi-week forecasting (6-week intervals)

Single-click AI-powered automated forecasting (multiple forecast methods)

Best-method determination (“easy button”) 

Seasonality models 


Weighted historic index  

Shrinkage tracking 

Missing data and outliers handling automation

Import historical data

Historical trends and validation


Manual schedule edits and builds

Weekly and multi-week schedule builds 

Unlimited “What-if” scenarios 

Load-based scheduling

Labor rules violation warnings / scheduling constraints

Shift rotation / work plan rotation

Audit schedule changes

Shift trading 

Time-off management

Schedule change notifications / unified inbox

Real-time adherence

Historical adherence

Intraday monitoring and rescheduling 

Employee mobility tools:

External calendar support for schedules

Native mobile application (iOS and Android)

View schedule

Submit time-off requests

View the status of their time-off requests 

Receive push notifications

Learning and development: 

Embedded development and feedback modules

Construct modules: documents, images, videos, interactions, URLs, text

Auto-assign development by role, group, skill, queue

Manually assign or unassign modules

Define recommended completion time

View development plan: next assigned modules and coaching appointments

Embedded Genesys Cloud CX eLearning for onboarding

Performance and engagement:

(Agent home) 360 agent activity view

Personalized KPIs

Team and personal activity scorecard

Personal bests scores

Gamified leaderboards

Daily, monthly and quarterly performance trends

Rewards and recognition (gamification):

Rewards management

Configurable points system


Coaching scheduling with optimal time slots from workforce management

Attach interactions, documents, notes, annotations and feedback to session

Link coaching events to multiple interactions 

Inbox notification

Video and screen share enabled

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time and historical views

Personal views – queues, performance

Queue and agent – activity, performance

Interactions – view, details

DNIS, skills, wrap-up views

Flows – performance, destination, outcomes

Outbound campaigns

Scheduled callbacks

Quality admin and evaluator dashboards 

Survey views

Agent activity – overview, scorecard, leaderboards

Intraday monitoring and schedule adherence views

View management

Flexible filter criteria

Save views

Export: custom views as PDF, CSV

Export: time zone selection, locale selection

Scheduled exports

Email delivery

Performance dashboards

Customizable dashboards

Public/private dashboards

Wallboard-only license


iPad supervisor: real-time dashboard, listen, location

Access to interaction data and metrics through flexible API


Unified Communications & Collaboration


Cloud IP PBX

Auto attendant

Speech-Enabled IVR

Prompt management

Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

Text-to-speech (TTS)

Messages / music on-hold

Inbound and outbound voice calling

Audio conferencing

Desktop call controls

Status / presence


Group ring, hunt groups

Call recording


Inbound and outbound faxing

Unified Inbox

Video chat and conferencing

Chat – individual and group

Corporate directory

Customizable user profile

External contacts

Desktop sharing

File sharing

Native mobile application

WebRTC Softphone

IP phones

Remote phone

Single sign-on (SSO)

Enhanced communication options

Microsoft Teams integration

Genesys Cloud CX UI embedded in Salesforce

Genesys Cloud CX UI embedded in browser extension

AppFoundry Marketplace apps

Voice services (see Voice services section)

Voice services

Local calling

Long-distance calling

International calling

Emergency services

Toll-free services

Number purchasing (local, vanity, toll-free, international)

Number porting


AppFoundry Marketplace – applications, blueprints and templates

Premium CRM and case management applications:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry


via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry


via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry


via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry


via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry


via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

Premium UC and collaboration applications:

Microsoft Teams

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

Zoom Meetings

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Zoom Phone

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Other premium applications

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

via AppFoundry

OAuth scopes for applications

Bots (AI) – Bring Your Own, Amazon Lex, Google Dialogflow

Client applications

Data actions


Embedded clients

SCIM (identity management)

Single sign-on

Text-to-speech (TTS) engines



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