Why Marketers Should Focus on CX and Personalized Engagement Across the Customer Lifecycle

Best Practices On-Demand Webinar

Companies lose more than $83 billion in revenue each year due to poor Customer Experience (CX). Marketing today is about much more than analyzing key metrics such as ROI and CPL.

What happens after the marketing campaign directly affects the ability for marketers to have future success. Marketers need to be aware of the entire customer experience and the opportunities to personalize interactions at all points of the customer lifecycle. These capabilities will improve customer loyalty and drive the company’s bottom line. But with the full CX in mind, where should marketers focus to help ensure campaign success?

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Assessing the customer experience in the contact center
  • How to create a great online experience that is personalized and enhances a brand’s marketing efforts
  • How to manage and utilize customer preferences
  • Leveraging mobile channels to send personalized location-based offers, such as push notifications, MMS messages, and Passbook passes
  • What types of post-sale or cart abandonment follow-up can help retain customers?