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Tuesday Teachings

Performance DNA

Genesys is hosting a series of 30-minute, focused webcasts called Tuesday Teachings that will be covering topics like strategic planning, intelligent automation and workforce optimization.

Each webcast in the series will be focused on a single topic. Join us for our second Tuesday Teachings session of 2019 on Performance DNA.

Numerous studies prove that having happy and engaged employees directly correlates to success—for your employees and your business. Ensuring that employees are successful should be a top priority for every organization.

Genesys Performance DNA is a unique employee performance management solution. It enables you to correlate business performance with employee skills, knowledge and attributes to deliver optimal business outcomes. Our Performance DNA integrates with more enterprise systems than other performance management solutions, which fall short because they can’t access and interpret data.  No other performance management solution integrates with so many enterprise systems.

Unlike solutions that can only tell you how employees are doing, Performance DNA tells you what actions to take to achieve great performance, employee by employee.

Meet the Speaker

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Tom Tritten
Senior Solution Architect



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