Customer Webinar

Transforming a Non-Traditional Call Center: Hear the Rochester Regional Health Success Story!

Whether you’re in Healthcare, Tech or Manufacturing, every industry has intricate back-office operations. Take scheduling, for instance—getting it right can have a huge impact. Under-staff and you frustrate customers and demoralize employees; over-staff and it drives up operating costs. The right tools not only address this balance, but can do so for non-standard departments across your company.

Learn how a healthcare company utilized a call center infrastructure to gain visibility across multiple departments, increase their efficiency, and improve patient care. Join us as Rochester Regional Health shares their experiences with patient outreach and scheduling, billing customer service, and nursing across 80 facilities and 20,000+ employees, medical staff and volunteers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How departments such as Human Resources, Billing and Field Operations can directly benefit from a call center approach
  • Why the adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” matters with back-office operations
  • How a centralized approach paired with the right tools can have a significant impact on operations and patient/customer care

Meet the Speakers

Jason Zawodzinski
Senior Project Manager, Rochester Regional Health

Sally Loughry
Senior Director, Rochester Regional Health

Bobbi Chester
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Genesys