Customer Webinar

Three Keys for a Successful Move to a Cloud Contact Center

Featuring Doug Kaplan, Director of Customer Success at InfoArmor

As cloud computing technology continues to advance and gain traction in the marketplace, one area of extreme growth is the migration to a cloud contact center. The cloud certainly provides numerous benefits, including cost, scale and agility advantages. Yet, not all businesses are ready to cut ties with their current solution and move to the cloud. Reasons might vary; ranging from timing, budget, or even a general lack of corporate buy-in.

We’ll be highlighting InfoArmor, a solution provider for identity protection software, who recently made the move to a cloud contact center to support their advanced threat protection services offered to their large user base in the cloud. View the on-demand webinar to hear:

  • An insider view of how InfoArmor built a justification and gained consensus to make the move to the cloud
  • Tips on what to expect after the cloud contact center goes live
  • Suggestions on how to conduct a realistic assessment of progress after the first 90 days

Meet the Speakers

Doug Kaplan
Director of Customer Success

Mike Asebrook
Product Marketing

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