The Future of Voice in the Contact Center

The speed of business, customer expectations and the proliferation of engagement channels are driving a sea change in the customer contact industry. Consequently, the role of voice in the contact center has changed, and a phone call has now become an escalation. This is a major shift from being one of the primary channels which companies used to engage with their customers.

Voice is still a key channel for customer delight and differentiation. Learn how to approach voice in this new scenario is an insightful recorded webinar where you can hear directly from industry experts. Learn how Genesys AppFoundry partner, Plantronics, which recently attained CCA Global Standard© once again, is addressing this shift in contact centers around the world.

Hear Paul van den Berg, Vice President of Operations overseeing all of Plantronics contact centers, as well as Blake Morgan a renowned industry expert on customer experience, as well as other experts discussing the role of voice in customer contact within the context of people, places and technology.

Meet the Speakers

Paul van den Berg
Vice President of Operations