Self-Service 2016: Is It Time to Appoint an Omnichannel Guru?

Equip Your Team to Create Personalized Interactions that Drive Self-Service Adoption and Increase Net Promoter Score

Watch the on-demand webinar, featuring John Lush, Head of Omnichannel at eir and Damian Kelly, VP Product Management at Genesys.

During the webinar, we discuss the emerging role of an Omnichannel guru and learn how personalized self-service has helped eir achieve new heights in delivering exceptional customer experiences. As the Head of Omnichannel at eir, John Lush has seen self-service rates double along with an improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS) through the implementation of personalized self-service.

Hear how you can equip your team with omnichannel solutions that change the way you engage your customers by:

  • Designing customer-centric multimodal inbound IVR experiences
  • Easily automating routine transactions and customer interactions
  • Personalizing each caller’s experience via CRM integrations
  • Utilizing analytics to understand how customers are interacting with your company
  • Improving assisted service with tighter integration to the IVR

The Head of Omnichannel is challenged to deliver great service wherever and whenever the customer seeks it out. Much of what they seek to accomplish can actually be achieved through self-service, rather than agent-based service.

Get your team omnichannel ready today!

Meet the Speakers

John Lush
Head of Omnichannel

Damian Kelly
VP Product Management