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See PureCloud in Action: Reach out to your customers

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If a customer is calling your business, they’re probably already frustrated. This puts your agents in a tough spot. They have to both solve the issue and manage an irritated customer. Put simply, agents spend their days fighting an uphill battle. 

Outbound lets you flip the script. It changes the type of work your agents do — moving from stressful, reactive work to proactive engagement. Plus, it improves customer satisfaction by letting agents reach out before the point of frustration.

Anticipate customers’ needs and keep them informed along the customer journey. Leverage outbound communication across channels. Increase revenue, reduce costs and improve satisfaction. 

Join us for the October PureCloud demo happening October 31 at 2 PM ET to learn more about outbound capabilities in the PureCloud application, including: 

  • Outbound campaign mode
  • Script navigation
  • Administration options
  • Integration with third-party apps like Salesforce and Zendesk


* PureCloud is now Genesys Cloud

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Kenny saalman

Kenny Saalman

Associate Strategic Sales Consultant


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