Rethink Your Cloud Mix: Is Voice the New Digital?

Featuring Sheila McGee-Smith, Founder at McGee-Smith Analytics

“Voice is dead,” some say. But has voice simply evolved? While customers today demand companies meet them in every and all channels, customers still want the option to speak with customer service agents–especially when they want to solve their problems fast. With digital voice support as part of a unified communications platform that serves contact center agents and business users, organizations can turn voice into more than just a one-to-one conversation.

The employees who service your customers are customers, too. Find out how adoption of cloud communication tools inside your organization paves the way for an expanded portfolio of digital tools for your agents and ultimately customers.

In this on-demand webinar, youll learn about:

  • Voice as a constant in the digital customer journey
  • What emerging technologies like AI, VR, and chatbots mean for your companys voice needs
  • The benefits of a unified cloud communications strategy in customer service and business phone platforms

Meet the Speakers

Dan Rood
VP Product Marketing

Sheila McGee-Smith
McGee-Smith Analytics

Michelle Burbick
Associate Editor
No Jitter