Best Practice Webinar

Protect Your Future NOW—Five Easy Steps to Eliminate Legacy Contact Center Risk

Important Considerations for Future-Proofing Contact Centers and Delivering Omnichannel Experiences

If you’re ready to make a change, we’re here to help. Switch to an omnichannel approach and gain the immediate benefits of higher customer loyalty, increased revenue, and better business outcomes, while paving the path for continued success.

View the on-demand webinar to learn key considerations and best practices to help you:

  • Avoid pitfalls when selecting a replacement platform
  • Identify key criteria to look for in an omnichannel engagement offer
  • Create a migration plan

Don’t let your existing call center infrastructure hold you back from delivering great customer experiences. Learn how transforming your legacy-based ACD, PBX and Telephony infrastructures into an omnichannel engagement center that can deliver exceptional customer experiences. You can launch a contact center that delivers differentiated customer and agent experiences while improving business performance.

Meet the Speakers

Roe Jones
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Genesys

Sue Harkreader
Sr. Director, Business Solutions and Consulting, Genesys