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Make sure you know what’s happening in your call center

Like the metaphorical tree in the woods, if data exists but is not analyzed does it mean anything? To make the best use of your customer and interaction information you have to analyze it and see the results. Spot patterns. Quickly identify issues. Improve the quality of interactions across the board.

In this demo, we will go through key analytics and reporting features and detail how they can improve your call center performance.

  • Performance dashboards/wallboards – Customize dashboards to show you the information you need to drive success.
  • My Performance View for agents – Get a holistic view of individual agent performance.
  • IVR Flow Performance views – See how your IVR is doing in real-time and adjust as needed for peak performance. 


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Meet the Speaker

Kenny saalman

Kenny Saalman
Associate Strategic Sales Consultant

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Live Assistance