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Maintain the Highest Level of Cybersecurity with Miratech

Genesys is a highly secure product right out of the box. But when you change your Genesys configurations or use third-party consultants to integrate other tools and implement further customizations, the security of your platform can be affected. Manage your risk with experts who have both Genesys and cybersecurity expertise.

Miratech has been a trusted Genesys services provider since 2000. Their CyberCX strategies, technologies, and solutions were developed from expertise based upon securing many of the world’s most hardened environments, such as the US Departments of Defense, Treasury, Homeland Security, and Transportation.

See how you can:
• Ensure their platform is secure and properly monitored
• Avoid data leakage and its potential impact on your business
• Withstand Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks
• Be sure your environment has been set up correctly and is free from cyber threats during operation

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Meet the Speakers

Adam bennet

Adam Bennett
Founder and VP, Cloudburst Security
Miratech Cyber Security Practice Lead

Jim wessel

Jim Wessel
Global Account Execuive


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