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DevCast Tutorial: Learn how to set up and execute a PureCloud Data Action before routing a call

Watch this recording of the AppFoundry’s DevCast. To get the most value out of DevCast, it’s recommended that viewers at least have a basic knowledge of development practices and terminology. DevCast webinars are recorded and are available here on-demand.

In this tutorial, Jason Mathison will teach you how to get a customer phone number (AKA the ANI) and attach it to the interaction using a PureCloud Data Action (API request) before routing a call. This underutilized trick can drastically improve the customer experience in even the most basic situations — like when ordering carry-out from your local wings place (a problem that hits home for Jason).

Join Jason for this Powerpoint-free, step-by-step tutorial in which he sheds some light on PureCloud Data Actions and Architect (interaction flow designer).


Meet the Speaker

Jason Mathison

Jason Mathison

Lead Software Engineer, Genesys PureCloud

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