How to Unlock Better Customer Experience and Improve KPIs with Vidyo

The foundation of customer service has relied on personal, Face-to-Face relationships built on trust, and while industries change, core values should not. Watch the VidyoEngage for Genesys Demo on March 30th to see how you can keep that foundation while providing next-gen experiences for your customers.

Vidyo’s expanded partnership with Genesys ensures that companies across the globe can continue to provide High Quality Face-to-Face interactions to their customers regardless of location or device.

VidyoEngage allows you to leverage everything you currently use Genesys for – Skills Based Routing, Web Chat, Mobile Support, etc – and simply add Video as a channel. Customers today have the expectation that the technology they use on a day to day basis ‘just works’ and this is no different. With the ability to Click-to-Vidyo from a webpage or mobile application and be brought to the relevant agent immediately with no extra steps required, VidyoEngage for Genesys ‘just works’ for them.

When using VidyoEngage solutions, contact centers are seeing improvements in KPIs – significant improvements in Net Promoter Scores, conversation rates, first call resolutions, upsell rate, average order values, and more. Watch the Demo on March 30th to understand how companies are leveraging VidyoEngage today.

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Vidyo visually connects the world through embedding the highest quality, most scalable, interactive video communications into the broadest and most innovative applications, workflows and IoT devices. By delivering the best infrastructure and highest resolution, our performance is unmatched over mobile and at scale.

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