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How to improve agility, speed, and quality in your contact center

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In a world where the rate of change continues to accelerate, the need for more efficient change management is critical. Businesses that don’t operate at the speed and quality delivered by DevOps practices will be left behind and lose their competitive edge.

Imagine deploying your next larger change into production, such as technology refreshes or major feature enhancements, with a single click. No long, late-night deployments with an army of engineers and testers. This can be achieved with configuration management that’s integrated to customer experience assurance, automating the deploy and testing. This is the DevOps way.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss and demonstrate the following:

  • The value of configuration auditing
  • Benefits of removing manual changes from the production environment
  • Configuration management and customer experience assurance working together
  • Using Puppet to deliver Genesys software and configuration changes

Learn how InProd helps contact centers deliver with maximum speed, functionality and innovation at lower risk. Register now to watch this webinar on-demand at your convenience.

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Jarrod Neven
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