Best Practice Webinar

How to Deliver Omnichannel Customer Engagement, Today!

Sometimes, contact center and IT professionals mistakenly interchange the terms “omnichannel” and “multichannel.” Don’t be one of them! Understand the substantial difference between the two. Knowing the difference is fundamental to designing and delivering the omnichannel customer experiences that today’s digital-savvy customers expect.

Providing omnichannel CX means having the ability to consistently deliver seamless, personalized service throughout the customer’s journey. This requires bridging disparate systems implemented for voice, web, social or mobile customer service, breaking down silos between channels to holistically manage customer context.

View now! You will learn:

  • How to map your customer’s journey and create a roadmap to omnichannel customer engagement
  • How you can deliver seamless experiences with a Customer Experience Platform
  • Success stories of how industry leaders are delivering omnichannel CX
  • Business benefits you can realize by enabling omnichannel customer engagement

Meet the Speakers

Barbara Gonzalez
Vice President of
Worldwide Business Consulting

Lisa Abbott
Sr. Director
Product Marketing