Best Practice Webinar

How to Boost Contact Center Performance & Customer Engagement with Actionable Analytics

Data is a critical part of your contact center operations and your ability to engage with customers and prospects. But it seems everything about it is difficult – accessing the data, formatting it correctly, determining what’s valuable and what’s not, and finally making it actionable.

It’s time to stop analyzing-by-spreadsheet and focus instead on actionable analytics and gaining that competitive advantage by delivering great customer experiences.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can boost the performance of your contact center with actionable insights including:

  • Real-time and historical queue metrics
  • Instant access to quality management information or even workforce management data
  • Visibility into your operations, your employees’ experience and your customer’s journey

Meet the Speakers

Jeroen Buis
Director Product Management, Genesys

Rebecca Gibson
Sr. Product Manager, Genesys