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How AI is Transforming Knowledge Management and Creating Contact Center Heroes

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The future of Knowledge Management (KM) and self-service is here. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming knowledge management and addressing the critical pains that in the past has burdened both admins and agents.

Recent breakthroughs in AI, automation and data analytics are shifting a major portion of the difficult and time consuming burden of keeping a knowledge base up-to-date and accurate to AI.

The impact of this next generation of KM is that it can:

  • Reduce handle time by 25% or more with AI-driven findability
  • Save admins over 500 hours a year through automation
  • Help the entire contact center gain insights into customer and agent behavior never before possible

Learn how you can leverage Shelf and its AI-based KM solution to automate maintenance, gain deep insights into user behavior and improve content findability–to complement your Genesys platform.

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Meet the Speaker

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Sedarius Tekara Perrotta
Knowledge Management Evangelist


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